Milestone 3 dagers MCIT workshop 12-14 okt 2022 Stockholm

Milestone 3 dagars MCIT workshop

3 dagars förberedande kurs för Milestone Certified Integration Technician (MCIT)

Denna 3 dagars kurs är framtagen som en förberedande workshop inför MVIT online certifieringen.

Course description:

This three-day training workshop is designed to develop participants' ability to install and configure moderately complex XProtect VMS installations. This training workshop is recommended as a preparation for taking the Milestone Certified Integration Technician (MCIT) online certification assessment


  • Welcome
  • Milestone Server and Clients
  • Connect your laptop to the training network and server.
  • Install Milestone server and clients.
    • Why does the management client not show the full text?
  • Adding Cameras/Devices to Milestone.
  • Configure Cameras/Devices.
    • Group configuration
    • Change Password (Instructor shown)
  • I/O
  • Configure recording area(s) on HDD.
  • Smart Client Live, Playback and Setup.
  • Configuring and using events.

  • Smart Client Alarms.
  • Smart Wall. (Work 2 and 2)
  • Roles and Users.

  • Monitoring, Logs, and Option.
  • Backup and reinstall.
  • Recording Server Fail-Over Server. (Work 2 and 2)
  • Repetition exercise.

The workshop consists of a series of hands-on exercises where learners practice configuring the XProtect Corporate VMS to specifications from realistic scenarios. Step-by-step instructions and a professional facilitator guide the learners as they configure systems according to sample specifications.

Participants leave with a detailed sequential checklist and annotated notes to help transfer their knowledge to the field.

Target Audience

Field technicians and system integrators who are responsible for installing and configuring Milestone’s VMS product line of video surveillance systems.

This training workshop is not required prior to taking the Milestone Certified Integration Technician (MCIT) online certification assessment but is recommended as preparation.

Participants should have fundamental knowledge and skills with cameras, networks, and storage devices, as well as with installing and configuring the XProtect Smart Client. 

Coffee and other refreshments will be provided during the day, and lunch is included.

Participants are responsible for providing their own laptop for training.

Milestone Certified Integration Technician (MCIT)

Milestone Integration Technicians install and configure moderately complex XProtect VMS installations with camera counts of 100-500 cameras. The Milestone Certified Integration Technician (MCIT) assessment tests your ability to perform this task. *The MCIT is required for the Gold and Platinum levels in the Channel Partner Program.


Max 10 personer per kurs.
Kursen kan bli flyttad eller inställd om det inte finns tillräckligt många som har anmält sig.

Önskar ert företag en kurs, bara avsedda för er och er personal så kan vi arrangera detta. Ta då kontakt med Micke Kogner så sätter vi samman en lösning för er.

Plats: Täby, Hatteland Technology ABs kontor, Enhagsvägen 7

Når: ons 12 - fre 14 okt 2022 -  kl: 09:00 - 17:00

Språk: Kursen hålls på engelska (danska/svenska) och kursmaterialet är på engelska 

Pris: 9950:-/ person (online MCIT examen tillkommer)

Kombopris: Om man deltar på både MCIT kursen och MCDE kursen blir kostnaden 12 000:- (mot normalt 14 900:-)

OBS! Varje deltagare ta med sig en bärbar dator med nätverksanslutning

Anmälan görs nedan 


Micke Kogner

Key Account Manager

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