Email privacy policy:
Our email privacy policy is there to protect your privacy. This policy defines the details of how your user information is permitted to be used, and how it is protected from being abused.

Why you receive email:
You receive email because you are subscribed to a newsletter / mailing list to which you opted in. If this is not the case then please unsubscribe from the list (using the link in the footer of the received email) and report the sender to us.

Strict anti-spam:
Sending of unsolicited commercial email (spam) is not permitted over our networks.

How to stop receiving further email:
Just click on the Unsubscribe link in the footer of the received email to be permanently removed from all future mailings or contact us.

Sharing of personal data / email addresses:
We will never sell, rent, or disclose your personal data and email address to third parties, unless this is requested under a court order or unless this has been agreed to by you, in advance, in a separate agreement.

Security of your data:
Our datacenter has rigorous controls to backup data and prevent unauthorized access.

Changes to this policy:
This policy was last amended on 25 February 2009.