Future-minded industry

Hatteland Technology provides the healthcare industry with innovative hardware and software solutions that revolutionize working conditions and free up more time for hands-on patient care.

The healthcare industry is one of the most dynamic and future-minded industries when it comes to adopting and utilizing new and innovative technologies and solutions.

Always searching for ways to optimize and improve the working situation to provide the best possible patient care, healthcare institutions worldwide are quick to adapt to new innovations that may improve usability for staff members, offer additional safety layers, streamline and automate administrative tasks, and, most importantly, free up more time for hands-on patient care. This willingness to adopt new technologies pushes manufacturers and suppliers to be at the forefront of development.

Why choose Hatteland Technology?

At Hatteland Technology we recognize the demand for flexible, future-minded and future-proof suppliers of hardware and software solutions. We strive to stay alert and adaptive in a dynamic market where changes happen quickly and frequently – working proactively to offer the most recent and modern technological innovations available.

While we do offer a broad selection of hardware components, as well as revolutionary software solutions, our main focus is to provide the industry with complete solutions that will change the working situation of healthcare staff.

Hatteland Technology aims to be your trusted advisor, providing the expertise that goes beyond hardware and software. Our experienced consultants will happily assist our clients in optimizing working conditions and methods and may even act as project manager for healthcare institutions when adopting and incorporating new technologies.

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