Product Notifications - [Service Memo]


Sep 9, 2016
When dimming backlight on the Hatteland Display's Series X units to zero the GDC (Glass Display Control) buttons may become difficult to see in daylight.  In general, the brightness of these buttons follow the brightness of the panel, however we are... Read More

Nov 15, 2012
SSD's has many benefits over conventional hard drives, but when it comes to write endurance it is important to choose the technology to be used with care. We have noticed a number of returns with failure related to write endurance on SSD devices.... Read More

Feb 2, 2011
Hatteland Display have noticed increased returns of units to our service department with damaged DVI connectors. This is caused by forces from the DVI cable to the chassis and VGA/DVI connector inside the unit. When these forces are to high the DVI... Read More

Oct 11, 2010
We have identified 3 failure symptoms that apply for the Series 2 Displays (MMD) and Panel Computers (MMC) products with factory mounted touch screen.... Read More

Aug 24, 2010
The keypad for Series 1 range of display units has a built-in hotkey (holding the "+" button active for at least 5 seconds, while powering the unit) to let the keypad reprogram itself (the keypad features a micro controller which uses its own... Read More

Aug 24, 2010
We have identified rare cases of the Series 1 range of display units failing very short time after power on (less than 5h). If the unit is operating as normal after 5 hours, then there is no indication that the unit will fail at a later stage of its... Read More

Aug 31, 2009
  APPLIES FOR THE FOLLOWING HATTELAND® PRODUCTS: Displays: JH 27T11MMD-xxx-xxxx Note: Customized models are ALSO affected by this Service Memo. OVERVIEW: During end test of stored JH 27T11MMD Displays, moist/fog was discovered on some displays. ... Read More

Jul 13, 2009
APPLIES FOR THE FOLLOWING HATTELAND® PRODUCTS: Stand-alone Computer: HT B04xx xxx-xx, HT B04PM MIL-xx Panel Computers - Series 1 JH 10T08 xxx-xx, JH 15T05 MMC-xx, JH 19T02 MMC-xx Note: Customized models are ALSO affected by this Service Memo.... Read More

Oct 14, 2002
Our production has proven a failure for the MMD series product line, which we need to inform you about. This problem may concern products delivered in September and parts of October. (Problem will not occur in products shipped from Hatteland after... Read More