In sight

Full awareness of all assets,
friends or foe.



Integrates into onboard Battlefield Management Systems.



Works with existing
vehicle sensors.



Improved gunner’s situational awareness using AR


Hatteland Technology offers an augmented reality (AR) solution which improves situational awareness for the vehicle's crew, including the vehicle commander and gunner. It is based on the renowned Augmenti™ platform and integrates into the onboard BMS system, using existing vehicle sensors.


A modular, scalable, and retrofittable solution for any tracked and wheeled vehicle.

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The ARLA™ platform

Complete solutions for situational awareness


The ARLA (Augmented Reality Local Awareness) platform forms the basis for all AR-related development. Based on this, together with BAE Systems Hägglunds, the ARLA BV-SIGHT has been developed:

The solution gives the user full awareness of all assets, friends, or foes. It’s a modular, scalable, and retrofittable solution that reduces workload and enhances situational awareness. The solution is fully integrated with the vehicle's primary weapon system.


Augmented Reality Built in Navigation


ARBiN™ is a self-contained US, European and Norwegian patent unit, due to its integrated navigation system, which means it can be mounted on any unit in need of AR or just real time navigation. ARBiN™, working together with ARLA, can present directly to the operator the tactical information from a battlefield management system (BMS).

The operator can be a vehicle commander or a gunner. The vehicle crew will thus be presented the tactical situation directly in their sights.

The solution has been developed in close collaboration with the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, FFI.

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The ARLA™ solution — a brief history

The ARLA™ platform has been developed since 2012 as a generic AR solution. In 2017, Augmenti and BAE Systems Hägglunds AB signed an industrial cooperation agreement where the ARLA was to be integrated into the CV90 combat vehicle. The integration has been named the ARLA BV-SIGHT


Hatteland Technology

Hatteland Technology is a global technology partner for system integrators in a wide range of industries. 

We provide state-of-the-art solutions comprising displays, panel computers, industrial automation, network hardware, CCTV, and software.


BAE Systems Hägglunds AB

BAE Systems Hägglunds focuses on the provision and upgrade of vehicle systems for military and civil applications. These include world-leading combat vehicles, armoured engineering vehicles and armoured personnel carriers.

About AR

Augmented Reality, or AR, is a further development of the virtual reality (VR) technology. It can be understood as a combination of digital models presented in the real physical world. 

An AR system generates a composite view with a combination of virtual model or scene and the physical, real-life setting, in which the viewer is located

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