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Bosch offers a complete range of safety, security and communication products and systems

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A full range of innovating video security solutions Turn-key solutions with security management applications Video surveillance with a data driven approach




Featured Products


Bosch Essential Video Analytics

The IP 4000i, 5000i and 6000(i) offer professional video surveillance for everyone going beyond security with built-in Essential Video Analytics as standard. From retail to industrial solutions, a smart combination of these cameras provides solutions for indoor or outdoor, day or night, discrete or visible video security. And with built-in Video Analytics as standard, they offer the ability to repurpose captured video data for other uses than security alone.



Video Systems

Dedicated to innovating security where you need it most

We constantly push the boundaries of technology to develop intelligent solutions that go beyond the highest security demands of today and deliver clear business advantages beyond security. We believe that the logical next step for security is to enable customers to interpret the data to start repurposing these huge amounts of video data. The ability to interpret video data directly at the source helps to substantially improve levels of security, as well as offering clear business advantages.



Intrusion Alarm Systems

Security you can trust. Detection you can depend on.

Protect people and property with the security you can rely on! From simple installations to extensive projects, we offer integrated security solutions based on award-winning technology and backed by superior support. Our easy-to-use alarm systems integrate seamlessly with video cameras, smoke alarms, home automation devices, and more. We offer customizable solutions to address the challenges you face every day.


Access Control Systems

Maximize openness, availability and scalability

In the event of an emergency, not only the future of your business but people’s lives hang on the reliable functioning of access control systems. This combination of cutting-edge technology, open access and strict security is precisely what Bosch Access Control solutions offer you.



Fire Alarm Systems

Keeping you safe is our first priority

We at Bosch care about your safety. With over 80 years of experience in fire alarm systems, we provide you with smart products and solutions, designed to let you rest assured that your lives will not only be protected but quickly and effectively saved.


Public Address and Voice Alarm

The largest portfolio of specialized system solutions

With more than 90 years of experience in designing and developing communication products, Bosch has established unrivaled leadership in the field of public address and voice alarm systems. High-quality public address and voice evacuation systems are essential for dealing with security and safety challenges. To be truly effective, a public address and emergency sound system must deliver exceptional performance and reliability. The company has provided systems and components for major transportation terminals, houses of worship, public buildings, office buildings, schools and shopping malls around the world.



Conference Systems

World-class solutions for meetings and conferences

Building on true world-class expertise, Bosch has led the conference market for over 65 years. How? By permanently addressing customer needs with outstanding products, with the promise of continuing to do so for many years to come. It was the first company to introduce a fully digital conference system more than 20 years ago. Today, the market is trending towards fully integrated solutions, where all kinds of information is shared over standardized infrastructure and interfaces. To fulfill the current and future market needs, Bosch recently introduced the DICENTIS Conference System, representing the family of IP-based conference solutions for the integrated conference world of tomorrow.


Management Software

Bosch software for your enterprise applications

Bosch Management Software is specialized in complex enterprise solutions. The main focus areas are airports, metro systems and large commercial applications. The Management Software portfolio covers Video and Alarm Management such as the Building Integration System and provides seamless management of digital video, audio and data across an IP network. BVMS allows you to deploy a Bosch video surveillance solution with unique features for any size of an application.




About Bosch: Intelligent building technologies for fascinating experiences in public and commercial spaces

Buildings today don’t only provide a safe, functional place for people to live and work. They can also cater for – and even respond to – their needs, while helping them work more efficiently and sustainably. The Internet of things (IoT) and sensor-driven technologies play a vital role in this. At Bosch Building Technologies, we are at the forefront of these new developments.

With innovative solutions in everything from access to fire prevention and public announcement to intelligent video security, we are helping redefine people’s relationships with the buildings they spend their time in.

"We should all strive to improve on the status quo: none of us should ever be satisfied with what has been achieved, but should always endeavor to do better. "

- Robert Bosch 1918

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