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IEI Specializes in IoT gateway, embedded system, panel PC, image capture and storage

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Featured Products


Heavy Industrial Panel PC

Dedicated to innovating security where you need it most!

IEI heavy industrial panel pc offers a complete robust panel solution for harsh industrial environments. To catch the wave of cloud computing and IoT solution, IEI introduces the iRIS remote management solution to enhance efficiency for system integration.


Light Industrial Panel PC

IEI light industrial market product solution provides an outstanding outlook with industrial-grade quality for comprehensive light industrial markets, such as hospitality, logistics, residential automation, factory automation and digital signage.



RISC-based Panel PC

RK3399 Series RISC Based IPCs Empower AI in Your Business

In order to meet your various AI demands, IEI is pleased to release the latest RISC-based panel PCs and SBC which is powered by Rockchip RK3399. Rockchip RK3399 has advanced computing capability and low power consumption. It integrates dual-core Cortex-A72 and quad-core Cortex-A53, and with ARM Mali-T864 GPU. RK3399 offers video decoders including H.264/H.265/VP9 up to 4K UHD; moreover, it supports OS with full API/SDK, making it flexible to develop your own application on Android environment. IEI’s powerful hardware with RK3399 features optimized performance plus flexible expansibility and empowers AI in digital signage, kiosk and POS markets


Industrial Monitor

IEI industrial touch monitors are easily integrated into today’s commercial and industrial applications. IEI’s versatile lines of flat-bezel IP 65 compliant industrial displays with shock and vibration resistance are designed specially to endure the rigorous operating environment.



Embedded System

IEI, the leading embedded system provider, continues to extend the product footprint from component level to system integration service. Our strong knowledge of market and technology innovation offers reliability, flexibility and interoperability for all of our embedded products with choices of size, performance and features.


IEI AI Ready Solution

Accelerates Your AI Initiative

IEI AI-ready embedded systems are ideal for deep learning inference computing to help you get faster, deeper insights into your customers and your business. Our AI-based embedded systems support graphics cards, Intel® FPGA acceleration cards, and Intel® VPU acceleration cards, and provide additional computational power plus an end-to-end solution to run your tasks more efficiently. The Intel®OpenVINO toolkit can help you deploy your solutions faster than ever.


AI ready solution

Healthcare Panel PC

User-friendly-oriented design is always our core value. Including medical panel PC, bedside terminal panel PC, fitness panel PC and medical device peripherals.


About IEI Integration Corp.

IEI Integration Corp. builds up the business as a leading industrial computer provider, and turns to artificial intelligence and networking edge computing. IEI's products are applied in computer-based applications such as factory automation, computer telephony integration, networking appliances, security, systems, and in fields like AI, IoT (Internet of Things), national defense, police administration, transportation, communication base stations and medical instruments. IEI continues to promote its brand products as well as serve ODM vertical markets to offer complete and professional services.
IEI is in an alliance with Intel, Microsoft, Amazon to offer a complete intelligent system with various options, including kinds of hardware devices, different operating systems, multiple applications, private/hybrid/public cloud computing, and data storage and security for developing integrated solutions, collaborating new applications, and expanding the markets.
IEI strives to achieve the ultimate aim of IoT and AI and to create comfortable and convenient living spaces for human beings by using advanced technologies.

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