A Product for increased Situational Awareness

Saimos is focusing on Geographic Information Systems (GIS), AI-based Video Analytics as well as custom developments targeting Security, Safety and Critical Infrastructure.







real-time data for increased Situational Awareness.

modular and open, map-centric (GIS) software platform

sensor integration integrating various data to support M2M communication




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SAIMOS® WatchBox: The next generation Alarm System based on Video!

SAIMOS®WatchBox is your next generation alarm system. Observe and automatically, control the boundaries of your property by video cameras coming along with the SAIMOS® WatchBox.Featuring intelligent Video Analytics, human intruders are detected at an early stage allowing the SAIMOS® WatchBox to submit an alarm. In that respect, “early stage” means at your properties border, before an intruder reaches your building.




SAIMOS® Control Center

Situational Awareness by geo-spatial intelligence for your Security Operation’s Center

SAIMOS® Control Center is designed for your Emergency Call Centre, Guarding Service or in general your SOC (Security Operations Center). The map-centric user interface provides operators a real-time Situational Awareness. A better decision support and process automation is supported by GIS analytics executed in the background for example.



SAIMOS® Video Analytics

Your cameras see more with video analysis

SAIMOS® Video Analytics is a flexible and scalable solution based on Deep Learning for professional users in various industries. Our video analyticsalgorithms are based on artificial intelligence and are mainly used in professional environments. Nevertheless, we do also have loads of SME’s and private customers relying on our video analytics, especially when it comes to perimeter protection.

About Saimos: A Product for increased Situational Awareness

We’re focusing on Geographic Information Systems (GIS), AI-based Video Analytics as well as custom developments targeting Security, Safety
and Critical Infrastructure.


SAIMOS® – Situational Awareness, Infrastructure Management & Operations Security is an integrative platform to link geo-data with data from any other source.

By handling the complexity of technology in the background we do enable an effective Situational Awareness for completing the Common Operation Picture. Our developments aim to provide the advantages of complex technologies (AI based video analytics as well as geographical information systems) to users.

With SAIMOS® Video Analytics, alarms are no longer triggered “blindly” as the authenticity of each alarm can be evaluated with a short video-recording. In addition, alarms are displayed on a map to provide a geographical context for better awareness and decision support.

The SAIMOS® Control Center is a next-generation Human Machine Interface (HMI), which leaves the state of the art behind.

SAIMOS® Managed Security as a Service is a combination of the SAIMOS® WatchBox and the SAIMOS® Control Center operated within a Security Operations Center.

Further, our goals are to provide a modular and open, map-centric (GIS) software platform supporting spatially enabled real-time data for increased Situational Awareness. Such real-time data can be sourced from novel sensor integration integrating various data such as Video Analytics, (industrial) IoT and others to support M2M communication and a mixed reality feeling. SAIMOS® is designed to be a homogenous map-centric portal providing seamless 2-D / 3-D visualization (web browser based) with extensive integration options.

An essential development goal is component scalability by modularisation. The modularisation approach targets:

  • on the one hand to create functions that can be configured into individual solutions and products,
  • on the other hand, to sensibly split up the complexity of the overall system to keep the system and its components maintainable.

SAIMOS® is installed on-premise at customers sites, in the cloud or consumed as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Furthermore, the SAIMOS® Platform can be integrated into existing infrastructure and enables process optimization and/or -automation.

The SAIMOS® Platform addresses authorities, security service providers, infrastructure operators as well as commercial end customers who aim for the benefits of Situation Awareness.

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