Deep learning and software solution

Sprinx is an independent software vendor (ISV), specializing in the design and supply of intelligent video software platforms capable of analyzing the mobility of vehicles and people.

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Object detection and classification Deep Learning based solution for Video Software solution and edge computing




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We put together Artificial Intelligence algorithms, a user-friendly interface and Data Intelligence to effectively manage the impact of Covid-19 on our everyday life. Using the existing video surveillance system, co.exist allows you to monitor indoor and outdoor areas by generating alarms and statistical data without the need to install additional equipment. A tool to ensure timely compliance with health and government directives on COVID-19, but also to effectively plan and manage a return to "new normality" in both the public and private sectors.



Automatic Incident Detection (A.I.D.)

Safety, Efficiency, and Smart

Sprinx offers a complete and professional solution for Automatic Incident Detection and Traffic Data Collection. Sprinx TRAFFIX.AI server-based solution and Sprinx TRAFFIC APPs allow reliable detection of incidents and anomalies in traffic flow on critical infrastructures such as highways, tunnels and intersections. Sprinx AID solutions, based on intelligent image processing, allow to quickly alert operators about incidents and traffic slowdown, to record relevant statistical data such as vehicle counting, traffic density and traffic flow conditions and to promptly send notifications of events to 3rd party systems, ITS software platforms and Tunnel SCADA.



About Sprinx: Spirit of research and innovation

Sprinx is an Italian Independent Software Vendor (ISV), specializing in designing and providing video intelligent software platforms able to analyze the mobility of vehicles and people. Our powerful and innovative Deep Learning module combined with the 3D object tracking technology has significantly enhanced the ability to collect statistical data and automatically detect events.

Born in 2009, Sprinx has earned a leading role in the world market by acquiring international awards for the innovative value of its solutions. Thanks to its internal R&D Department, with high-profile figures in the field of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence, Sprinx is one of the few players capable of providing solutions for intelligent monitoring of the people and vehicles mobility in the Traffic and Transportation industries but also in the Private and Public sectors. Sprinx is present with its technology in over 15 countries worldwide and has provided over 10,000 video analysis channels thanks to its added-value local partners.

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