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How Hatteland Technology
can help you

An experienced partner is your best guardrail when building technical systems.

When IT systems work as intended, it’s never thanks to one thing. It’s because someone made the right choice several times, at every stage.

With roots stretching back to 1981, Hatteland Technology has been in the game long enough to know what works and what doesn’t. If you’re eager to get your project going, you can safely skip ahead and contact us right away. But if you’ve come to learn more about what we can do for you, keep reading. 

The following outlines what we bring to the table, at each project stage. 


System design

  • Specification
  • Design
  • Solution proposition
  • Products and price fit

System design starts with your specification (you tell us what you need). We then turn to the drawing board, and periodically consult with you to make sure we account for everything.

Once everything’s drawn up and calculated, we propose a solution based on the best available technology that fits both the specification and your budget.

An illustration indicating how Hatteland Technology can help you design a technical system.


  • Supply chain management
  • Delivery coordination
  • Documentation

Once the proposed solution gets the green light, we schedule every stage of its realization.

This requires a diligent approach. Supply chains can be hard to navigate, and many projects impose strict documentation requirements.

We take care of it all: From quality assurance to procurement and logistics.

An illustration showing a clock and a notepad, indicating how Hatteland Technology can help you plan the production of a technical system.


  • Technical Assurance
  • System implementation
  • Configuration
  • Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT)

Once all the components are collected, we assemble and configure the system. Then we run tests, such as FAT and SAT if requested, to make sure the system works according to the specification.

Our quality standards are important, whether we manufacture the entire system ourselves or involve third-party suppliers.



  • Timely and coordinated logistics
  • Transparency and tracking
  • Logical packing for the benefit of people on site

We know time, and perhaps even more so — timing — is of the essence to our customers and most likely you.

That’s why we’re big believers in smart packaging. It improves traceability and in turn predictability.

Though delays are sometimes inevitable, we do all we can to minimize their impact, and to make delivery according to your preferences at any given time.

Then, once the shipment arrives on site, you’ll be pleased to find it has been packed and parceled in a logical manner, with helpful labelling, allowing for a smooth hand-over on site.



  • FILO pallet loading in mounting order
  • Preassembled for easy installation
  • Installation manual

Industrial environments, both on land and at sea, can be challenging. The least we can do is make your life as simple as possible.

One prominent example: When we prepare batch shipments—such as CCTV cameras for tunnels—we preassemble the hardware before loading it onto the pallets according to the FILO principle (First in, last out).

Your installers will appreciate having everything laid out in mounting order—one less thing to grapple with out there!

We also supply easy-to-follow installation manuals.

An engineer, wearing a hardhat, is holding a technical drawing. In the background, someone is installing a technical system inside a tunnel. It illustrates how Hatteland Technology packs shipments in a logical way, for easy installation.


  • Remote access
  • Technical coordination
  • Onsite support
  • Troubleshooting

With the installation done and dusted, it’s time to bring your system to life.

Getting a complex technical system firing on all cylinders can be challenging, but we’ll be right by your side if you want us to.

Whether you need us to assist from remote or physically join you at the site, we’ll get your system up and running. 

That includes coordinating with adjacent disciplines.

An engineer, wearing a hardhat, holding a laptop, is configuring a technical system inside a tunnel. It illustrates how Hatteland Technology helps with commissioning of the systems they deliver.


  • Technical support by system experts
  • Advising on new and improved solutions
  • Integration with other systems

With us, you’re not just getting a system that works for a while and then you’re on your own.

We’re not going anywhere.

Many things can knock a system off balance. To ensure your solution retains its full capabilities throughout its life cycle, we offer competent technical support on short notice.

Reliability is one of our core values, not just in hardware but as a partner.  

An engineer, wearing a hardhat in the foreground, and a technical support professional working on a computer in the background. It illustrates how Hatteland Technology offers technical support for the systems they deliver.

Solution improvement

  • Implementing new technology
  • Up-to-date training and/or certification
  • Form-fitting (replacing old units with newer ones of identical shapes and sizes).

Once the system is installed and in operation, it still needs check-ups and certain upgrades from time to time.

Solution Improvement is related to, but extends beyond the scope of, Support. It’s something you can consider even if your system works like it should. 

As the industry evolves, you might want to implement new technology, more staff training or -certifications, or replacing obsolete units where new ones are available (form-fitting).

You’ll find all of this on our menu.

A circle illustrating how technical systems are in constant development. It illustrates how Hatteland Technology offers continuous advisory on solution improvements.

Why we care so much about the process

Because the industries we serve ask tough questions, getting things right the first time pays dividends.

For instance, did you know that if there’s an issue with the CCTV cameras in a tunnel — you likely must shut down the entire tunnel to safely access the equipment and resolve the issue?

Or if you’re a mariner: Have you considered the cost of malfunctioning critical IT hardware, such as a navigation system, on a cargo ship?

If we don’t maintain the highest of standards, the downside can be considerable.

Poor planning may lead to non-ideal product choices or configurations, something that usually leads to operational issues sooner or later. Slack onsite coordination can make commissioning a headache, or even derail an entire installation job. It’s why we don’t compromise on quality, either in hardware or the way we conduct project work.

A technology partner for any task, large or small


Two Hatteland Technology workers, both men, discuss a technical solution while manufacturing a piece of industrial IT hardware. One of them is holding a monitor.

That’s not to say we only do the hard stuff. Some deliveries are quick and easy. The point is we recognize and employ the fitting approach to the task at hand. Rest assured that Hatteland Technology gives your project the care it deserves, from inception to operation — whether it’s a small off-the-shelf system, or something completely groundbreaking.

If you like the sound of that, we’d love to hear about your project! Contact us via the link below. We’ll connect you to one of our domain experts right away.  


You can reach us through phone, via email or alternative ways to get an answer for any of your inquiries.