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Touch Screen Drivers

Available Driver(s) for Touch Screen Based Products

If you have a customized product based on our standard design, please download the documents/files that matches part of the standard typenumber range. (i.e. HD 24T22 xxD is based on the same technology as HD 24T22 MMD).

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Note: The listed Operating Systems (OS) for each specific driver was compiled at the first official and tested relase as suggested by Hatteland Technology AS. During time, later OS's will naturally emerge and be developed. If you have newer OS than listed, we suggest you to visit the 3rd party Manufacturer link to find updated drivers that may are supported for your OS in question (See Column "External Link(s)"). Normally, there are minimum or no issues when installing a newer driver than listed in our archive. Please review "readme" issued by the 3rd party manufacturer in all cases.  Microsoft® Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 8.1 and Windows® 10 IoT Operating Systems: Drivers for PCTS (Projected Capacitive) / Multitouch, Capacitive and Resistive Touch Screens are supported via internal OS HID drivers and does not require a specific driver to be installed from 3rd Party Driver manufacturer.


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