What is industrial automation?

Hatteland Technology supplies and facilitates a secure industrial network and computing infrastructure, allowing your company to take full advantage of the countless opportunities offered by Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things.

Today, the term “industrial automation” is generally referred to in the context of Industry 4.0 (I4) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) – the two most recent technological revolutions in the industrial sector.

The core principles of Industry 4.0 focus on increasing productivity, cost-efficiency, quality, and safety by utilizing innovative technologies enabled by the IIoT, such as cyber-physical systems, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Ever-increasing amounts of data are collected, analyzed and transmitted through an interconnected network of sensors, computers, and other devices – giving manufacturers a greater understanding of issues and challenges that may arise throughout the supply chain and creating a virtual copy of the physical world that enables automated processes and decentralized decisions.

Advances in industrial automation are a direct answer to the growing demands for increased productivity and reduced risk and costs. Industrial automation innovations such as SCADA systems, edge computing, and remote monitoring are invaluable tools for supporting and ensuring the smooth operation of smart factories.

However, taking advantage of these technologies requires a solid infrastructure. You must implement a smart device network for secure and efficient data transfer, incorporating all your devices in an interconnected, facility-wide network. Additionally, your legacy devices must be able to connect to and interact with new additions and upgrades to the network.

Why choose Hatteland Technology?

Hatteland Technology is a market-leading supplier of industrial automation solutions and equipment. Through decades of experience, we have acquired a wealth of expertise and knowledge of industrial protocols, networks, and wireless solutions.

We make it our priority to stay up-to-date with developments and innovations within our field to ensure that we will always be able to offer you the newest and best innovative technologies the market has to offer.

Hatteland Technology is more than just a supplier – we can be a valuable and knowledgeable consultant and a partner, helping you find your optimal automation solution.

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Finding your ideal Panel PC: A 9-point guide

PCs are an integral part of any fully or part-automated industrial system but finding the ideal solution for balancing cost-efficiency and performance may be challenging. 




ViTAM-115R 15" Touchskjerm IP66/IP69K

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Entry-level managed Ethernet switch - EDS-405A-PN

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