Cameras are becoming favored analytics tools

Hatteland Technology is an experienced supplier of complete and cost-efficient surveillance solutions for the high security and retail industries, offering a wealth of expertise step by step assistance from design to implementation.

The role of the surveillance camera is changing. While monitoring, surveillance and security are still the main areas of use, cameras today are commonly used for data collection and in-store analysis purposes – functioning as sensors integrated into a larger system.

Retailers use cameras additionally for tasks such as people counting, occupancy estimation, and queue monitoring to generate valuable business insight, optimize customer flow and increase overall efficiency.

Advanced analytics software can spot anomalies and irregularities and notify operators, eliminating the need for human focus on video feeds, maintaining high-security levels and continuous surveillance inside stores, near entrances and exits, and/or along the perimeter.

With this advancement in technology and development of usage comes new requirements for connectivity, interoperability and the security solution’s ability to function as one part of a larger, overarching system solution.

Why choose Hatteland Technology?

Hatteland Technology is an experienced supplier of security systems with broad expertise and a long history of providing high-quality solutions.

We cooperate with the world’s leading manufacturers to provide complete security systems – from the camera to cloud-based on individual customer needs and wants, always opting for the most cost-efficient solution.

Hatteland Technology aims to always stay on top of the technological advancements and industry developments and collaborate with both customers and manufacturers to continuously find new and innovative ways to work within the system and satisfy both existing and new requirements.

We assist our customers every step of the way and may act as valuable partners in designing the system, choosing the right camera solutions and implementing and installing the system.

Our knowledgeable and experienced consultants may help with prioritization and configuration, removing many common sources of error and ensuring that the right solution is implemented in the best possible way.



Q1656-LE, 4 mp, 3.9–10 mm

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Q6315-LE, 1080p, 1/2" sensor, 31x, IR

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Q3819-PVE, 14 MP, 180°

Q3819-PVE, 14 MP, 180°

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