Hardware for the harshest environments

Hatteland Technology one of the world’s leading suppliers of tailored system solutions to the marine and offshore industries, offering 30 years of experience, extensive expertise, and an unmatched product catalog.

Operating in some of the world’s harshest, and often hazardous, conditions and environments, and subject to rigid requirements and regulations safety and security, the greatest challenge for the marine and offshore industries when choosing hardware and equipment is balancing quality, dependability and cost-efficiency. 

Onboard equipment must satisfy several sets of regulations, including DNV (or equal) certifications, ATEX certifications and IEC 60945 standards.

Additionally, all hardware and infrastructure must exhibit great quality, durability, dependability and ruggedness to ensure that everything from data collection and processing to critical function management is operational at all times.

New innovations and technologies are continuously introduced to the market, aiming to improve productivity. The key challenge is choosing the options that are best tailored to your needs.

Why choose Hatteland Technology?

Hatteland Technology is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of hardware, network, and infrastructure to the marine and offshore industries.

Combining 30 years of experience, a worldwide service network, and an unmatched product catalog with our extensive expertise and dedicated focus on world-class quality, innovation and future-proof technology, we strive to be at the forefront of development in our market.

Hatteland Technology is a one-stop-shop for tailored system solutions, working closely with system integrators and serving as a dedicated, skilled and trusted partner that enable end costumers to focus on their core business.

We aim to be a stable supplier in a rapidly changing market, offering back-compatibility for up to 20 years for certain systems and providing world-class longevity and life cycle management.

Additionally, we have extensive expertise in DNV and ATEX certification, 100% traceability throughout the entire value chain and an extremely low error rate.

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Choosing the optimal CCTV solution for ships and other marine vessels

Building a CCTV system that will comply with harsh environment, IEC60945 and be reliable over time is key in the maritime industry. In this guide you will find some the issues and get recommendations for the design and integration of the CCTV system for a maritime vessel.


Featured products

Marine - Offshore - Chart & Planning Table - Series X MVD

Chart & Planning Table - Series X MVD

The Series X Multi Vision Display (MVD) range of products provides large 4K resolution display solutions to maritime IBS, Automation and Command Control system integrators. 

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marine - offshore -Panel Computer Series X

Panel Computer Series X

Series X Panel Computers offer the ultimate in performance, convenience, state of the art design and enduring quality for system integrators and boat builders. Series X products offer a range of feature sets optimized for varying requirements and applications.

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Ultra Compact Fanless Computer

The HT B30 range is based on the latest Intel chipset and Skylake processor platform, delivering even more power for maritime technology developers to design and build high-end vessel control and monitoring solutions that enable safer and more effecient maritime operations.

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