Finding the optimal innovation partner for system integrators

As we work or way towards meeting the IMO 2030 carbon emissions goals, shipping companies and ship owners worldwide are implementing or planning to implement smart ship technology to remain relevant in the global market.

Why more and more marine businesses are opting for one-stop-shop technology suppliers

In our current market, where focus on cost and Time to Market is higher than ever, we see a clear trend in.. Read More

Computing power for smart building

One of the many smart building definitions can be: A smart building recognizes and reacts to users’ and.. Read More

Camera as a sensor for smart building

What makes a building smart? Smart buildings are designed to collectmore and more information to provide a.. Read More

Finding the optimal innovation partner for system integrators

A reliable innovation partner will work closely with system integrators to create a comprehensive solution.. Read More

Nämä hyödyt tekevät paneelitietokoneista täydellisiä prosessien automatisointiin

Paneelitietokone on noussut viime vuosina suosituimmaksi vaihtoehdoksi teollisuuden eri aloilla. Read More

Paneeli PC elintarviketeollisuuteen

Ruostumattomasta teräksestä valmistetut paneelitietokoneet ovat ihanteellinen vaihtoehto prosessien.. Read More

TEMPEST certified display solutions protects classified informations

The adage “knowledge is power” has perhaps never been truer than it is today. TEMPEST certified equipment.. Read More

Innovativ deep learning-teknologi øker kvaliteten på videoanalyse under krevende forhold

Rask og nøyaktig gjenkjenning av kjøretøy er avgjørende for å sikre god ytelse, pålitelig videoanalyse og økt.. Read More

3D-videoanalyse løfter trafikksikkerheten i norske tunneler opp til et nytt nivå

Sprinx Technologies’ unike AID-løsning tilfører videoanalyse av trafikkbildet en ny dimensjon – med høyere.. Read More

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