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Taking the IIoT leap: The impact and opportunities of the Industrial Internet of Things

By Jean-Frédéric Gauvin
22.05.19 08:00

The IIoT has already transformed the manufacturing industry, and yet, we are still just testing the waters of the 4th industrial revolution. Future-proofing your hardware and infrastructure is imperat...


In-store data analysis can improve customer experience and increase your sales

By Tine Thorsen
30.04.19 08:00

Understanding your customers behavior, preferences and needs optimizes your store performance – giving you a competitive edge.


Pushing data processing to the edge: The benefits of edge computing in maritime industry

By Jean-Frédéric Gauvin
04.04.19 14:27

Smart ships with automated systems are becoming increasingly dependent on real-time data processing. Edge computing may be the optimal solution to latency and connectivity challenges.


Cutting the cabling costs of condition monitoring

By Jean-Frédéric Gauvin
27.03.19 14:42

Wireless technologies are revolutionizing condition monitoring, offering innovative solutions that cuts costs and enables monitoring of moving machinery and rotating equipment.

Building automation

Understanding the hardware needs of smart buildings

By Jean-Frédéric Gauvin
15.03.19 09:25

As smart buildings are getting increasingly intelligent, strict requirements for cost-efficiency and environmental sustainability highlights the need to make the right hardware choices for your buildi...


Protect the frontline with body-worn cameras - Security

By Tine Thorsen
26.02.19 13:19

With an ever-increasing emphasis on securing valuable data and evidence, body-worn camera usage is all but a necessity across industries.


The 3G network is shutting down – now is the time to invest in LTE

By Jean-Frédéric Gauvin
13.02.19 11:57

3G networks will soon be a thing of the past and industrial companies across the world are faced with a choice: Upgrade your network with LTE technologies or risk losing coverage.


Connectivity and vulnerability: Secure your industrial network and all its connected devices

By Jean-Frédéric Gauvin
06.02.19 10:22

In the era of the Industrial Internet of Things, where manufacturers worldwide strive to reduce costs and increase efficiency, every single device in a modern facility is connected to a network. While...

Den perfekte panel PCen for matprodusenter

By Øyvind Bless
24.01.19 11:38

Panel PCer i rustfritt stål er det ideelle alternativet for å kontrollere og overvåke prosesser i miljøer med ekstreme krav til god hygiene.


Intelligent perimeter detection solutions take your security to the next level

By Tine Thorsen
16.01.19 16:05

Protect your property from intrusions and keep your security staff alert with a tailored and effective perimeter detection system.

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