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Hatteland TechnologyFeb 21, 2024 @ 10:446 min read

What ‘type approved’ means for maritime electronics

At first glance, IT hardware on board ships looks more or less the same as conventional ...
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Hatteland TechnologyOct 27, 2023 @ 10:207 min read

Meet Mehdi, our man in the Mediterranean.

Raised with the sea as his nearest neighbor, fluent in four languages, and bearing a name ...
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Hatteland TechnologyAug 9, 2023 @ 14:396 min read

Q&A: Talking Moxa with Mr. Gøran Labrå

Some brands are built different. Mr. Gøran Labrå knows Moxa better than most, and over ...
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Hatteland TechnologyApr 28, 2023 @ 11:075 min read

Color calibration for ECDIS: What it is and why it matters

Roses are red, and violets are…turquoise?
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Hatteland TechnologyMar 9, 2023 @ 13:255 min read

Let's take a closer look at optical bonding

The arguably greatest addition to any industrial display is one you can’t see. In fact, ...
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Hatteland TechnologyFeb 15, 2023 @ 17:189 min read

This electronic chart table brings the bridge into the digital era

With the upgraded version set to make its debut, the future of the bridge is for everyone ...
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Hatteland TechnologyNov 4, 2022 @ 11:154 min read

What Furuno Norway looks for in a supplier

Sometimes, customers end up more like partners. Once you look under the surface, it’s no ...
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Hatteland TechnologySep 16, 2022 @ 15:134 min read

5 pieces of IT hardware for the cyber-secure vessel

A big part of cyber security is eliminating weak links. In this article, we explore a ...
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Hatteland TechnologyAug 16, 2022 @ 14:415 min read

Common cyber-security vulnerabilities in ships

Despite growing awareness, ships remain at risk from cyber-attacks. Here’s a run-through ...
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