Presence of reliability

Hatteland Technology designs and manufactures a broad portfolio of hardware products aimed for the naval and defense market. Our products are the link between the human operators and today’s mission-critical systems.

Innovative product and technology combinations are a welcome addition in the naval and defense community.  It is essential for any supplier to recognize the challenges, environments, and standards in a market that is completely committed to security in everything it does.

Providing the strongest and best solutions for the naval and defense sector requires the ability to offer tailored solutions for the highest quality in combination with the latest technology.

Why choose Hatteland Technology?

As a leading international manufacturer of rugged hardware, Hatteland Technology understands the importance of product quality, reliability, and performance.

With over 30 years of experience, we have established sophisticated design techniques, meticulous manufacturing processes, stringent testing programs, and world-class products and solutions based on quality control systems that reduce risk and total cost of ownership throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Hatteland’s exemplary track record is built upon quality and durability, providing dependable products and solutions to some of the largest systems integrators around the world.

We have made substantial investments in state-of-the-art design tools, environmental test equipment, manufacturing, and quality systems, and have been widely recognized for providing the highest quality and best value in the Naval and Defense market. Whether the need is for COTS, custom made solutions or MIL qualified products, Hatteland Technology is dedicated to becoming a dependable and strong link and supplier to system integrators worldwide.

Through continuous expansion and improvement of our development and manufacturing facilities, along with our global support network, customers worldwide have gained confidence in the quality and value of our products and solutions, as well as in our ability to deliver and support naval programs throughout the entire product lifecycle.


32inch 4K-1

32inch 4K Display MIL Qualified. Options: Multi-touch and TEMPEST

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55inch 4K Tactical Table w/Multi-touch

55inch 4K Tactical Table w/Multi-touch

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