TEMPEST certified display solutions protects classified information


The most important things to consider when choosing your CCTV solution for maritime application

Whether constructing a cargo ship, tanker, ferry or cruise ship, the first and foremost priority of any shipyard should always be safety.

The adage “knowledge is power” has perhaps never been truer than it is today. TEMPEST certified equipment minimizes the risk of sensitive data ending up in the wrong hands through leaking emanations.

In today’s rapidly shifting global economic and political landscape, subject to minor and major conflicts across the globe, information is perhaps our most valuable currency.

Keeping classified and sensitive information out of the hands of enemies and unauthorized personnel should be a top priority for any and every political or military organization, as the consequences of a data breach could potentially be costly.

With governments on all sides using methods for spying on information systems through leaking emanations, such as vibrations, sounds, and unintentional radio or electrical signals, it is of the highest importance to ensure that adequate security measures have been taken to protect all equipment used in exposed and/or vulnerable areas and situations.


Complying with TEMPEST standards

To maximize data security all displays and communication equipment should comply with TEMPEST certification standards.

Designed to minimize the level of electromagnetic emanations, TEMPEST systems and technologies comply with a globally recognized standard for protecting classified and sensitive information from unwanted insight.

The TEMPEST certification has been adopted by the US, EU, and NATO, making it the leading standard for preventing data breaches through emanations and radiation.

Broad range in areas of use

Traditionally featured in combat rooms and tactical rooms, as well as on the bridge of navy ships and vessels, TEMPEST industrial displays and systems offer a broad range in areas of use:

  • War rooms
    Whether located in a land-based military facility or aboard navy ships and vessels, war rooms, combat rooms, and tactical rooms generally feature a multitude of screens and equipment susceptible to spying through leaking emanations.


  • Military installations
    Used as command centers, training grounds or proving grounds, military bases typically shelter a wealth of equipment susceptible to data breaches, and thus should be protected. This is especially important for facilities located in foreign territory or close to international borders, dealing with considerable amounts of classified information.


  • Mobile ground surveillance containers
    Vital to modern warfare, mobile ground surveillance containers provide support for troops in the field, using thermal cameras, radar and a host of sensors to map out the situation and area. Functioning as fully equipped surveillance and communications centers, and potentially emitting high levels of electromagnetic radiation, these mobile units are naturally exposed to unauthorized interceptions.


  • Embassies and government buildings
    In addition to military facilities, government buildings in general, such as embassies, may be popular targets for foreign data interceptions. Typically featuring sound-proofed meeting rooms and strong physical security measures, adequate measures to minimize electromagnetic radiation is not easily achievable.


In general, any facility – military or political – dealing with sensitive and classified information could benefit from adopting TEMPEST certified screens and equipment.


Ensuring the longevity of the TEMPEST industrial display

Due to its military application, the TEMPEST certification process is complicated by high-security clearance requirements. To obtain and maintain the certification, the manufacturer must get the appropriate security clearance for relevant personnel to access all necessary reports through a specific country’s national security authorities.

Additionally, the rapid evolution of electronics and technologies means that all components of a TEMPEST certified system have a natural end-of-life scenario. Every time a new component is introduced to the system, the validity of the TEMPEST certification must be re-ensured. All modifications to the system and its components must be approved, in order to uphold the certification.

Combining the complexity of the certification process with the component approval requirements, ensuring the longevity of a TEMPEST certified system present a significant cost and quality for manufacturers and suppliers.

For system integrator and end-users, this means choosing the right supplier is essential in order to guarantee stability and long-term delivery.


Industrial grade equipment provides additional stability

Another important aspect to consider when choosing a TEMPEST system supplier is the quality and ruggedness of the equipment. While the certification guarantees reduced emanations, it does not dictate the quality and longevity of the hardware itself.

For added layers of stability, security, and longevity, one should always opt for industrial-grade equipment that is approved and compliant with the standards and requirements relevant to the environment in which it will be located.

Regardless of whether that location is on the bridge of a ship, a mobile surveillance center or an embassy meeting room, using the proper and solid equipment will prove beneficial in the long run.


Proven track record of high-quality delivery

In the last decade, Hatteland Technology has established a positive reputation and a proven track record of delivery to the naval and defense markets, providing tailored solutions that combine the highest quality hardware products with the latest technology.

Working closely with Norwegian National Security Authorities (NSM) for years, we have acquired a wealth of experience and expertise regarding the TEMPEST certification process that allows us to guarantee that our TEMPEST systems are approved and compliant with the standards.

We believe that the key to offering a top-class product is to truly understand the needs and challenges of our customers and engineer all our products according to the specifications, standards, and environments.

Our range of TEMPEST certified solutions is based on sophisticated design techniques, meticulous manufacturing processes and stringent testing programs established through more than 30 years of experience.


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