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Spare-Parts and Repair


If you are to perform service on the unit, please note that any warranty will be void. We recommend that Hatteland Technology Service or Service Partners is used for repair of the unit.

Safety Warnings

CAUTION! This unit/board contains electrostatic sensitive devices. Observe precautions for handling.

The discharge of electrostatic energy into a semiconductor can destroy the semiconductor or change its properties. Before open a units housing, or remove an electronic board form ESD bag, proper ESD measurements shall be taken.

• Before repair work, operator shall be grounded by putting on a wristband.

• The wristband must be connected to ground via a ground cord.

• A one mega-ohm resistor, installed in the wrist connection end of the ground cord, is a safety requirement.

• Worktable and floor of work area must be covered with electrostatic shielding in order to discharge static electricity via an earth wire.

• Alternatively a Static-dissipative ESD work mat must be positioned at the workplace.  The 3M™ 8501 Portable Field Service Kit is a good choice for this purpose.

• Thoroughly grounded soldering, measurement and test tools shall be used.

• Do not disassemble LCD panels under low humidity (50% RH or less). All assisting persons who might come into contact with the endangered boards must also use the ESD equipment.

• Hatteland Technology cannot give any warranty or return on spare-part due to the risk of ESD damage


Risk of electrical shock

• Even when the unit is switched off, there will be a dangerous voltage present on exposed contacts inside.

• Before you open a unit, sure that the power cord is removed from the power inlet.

• Capacitors in the AC power supply can store dangerous voltages for several hours, even when they have been disconnected from the supply voltage.


• When part replacement is required for servicing, always use the manufacturer’s specified replacement.

• When replacing the component, always be certain that all the components are assembled back in place.

• Make sure all connectors are properly connected before reassembling and switching on power.

• Use a proper screwdriver. If you use a screwdriver that does not fit, you may damage the unit.

• Hatteland Technology is not responsible for any damages that may occur during your service.

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