The Series 1 and Series X monitors are getting an upgrade.

The illustration shows the Hatteland Technology Series 1 product range, sorted by size. These are the new T27 models.
Series 1
15" | 19" | 19" slim | 21.3"
Series x
15" | 17" | 19" | 24" | 27" slim | 27"

T27 is a generational upgrade (G3) of our most enduring product ranges, Series 1 and Series X. While they’re still the same monitors ship crews around the world rely on, this upgrade introduces a few key improvements: upgraded connectivity and a new video scaler. 

We know the importance of longevity. The G3 futureproofs Series 1 and Series X and keeps them going for many more years.


The icon illustrates how the new T27 range of products offers new video inputs. This is illustrated by an arrow point into a monitor.

video inputs

The icon illustrates that the new T27 range of monitors are IEC60945/E10 approved. This is illustrated by a nautical symbol.

IEC60945 / E10


ECDIS / radar


FormFit to
current products


Retains SCOM


Expansion card

* Ongoing, reports and documentation available upon request.

About Series 1

The Series 1 monitor range is a versatile monitor concept for the professional maritime segment.


Installed on thousands of vessels across the globe, Series 1 monitors have earned a reputation as supremely reliable and durable.


Since the introduction in the late 1990s, Series 1 monitors have helped countless mariners operate safety-critical applications on board, ranging from navigation to automation.



Key characteristics


  • Type approved
  • Tactile interaction (physical buttons/knobs/potmeter)
  • Touch screen options available
  • Wide compatibility with legacy software.
  • SCOM (Serial Communication interface)


Explore the Series 1 range

About Series X

The Series X range of monitors is a modernization of the Series 1 concept. It offers the same level of versatility, reliability, and ruggedness.


Where they differ is in design, user interaction, and luminosity.


Series X monitors are renowned for their sleek appearance and precise touch controls. Their full dimming and high-bright panels (optional) make them the perfect choice for challenging light conditions.



Key characteristics

  • Type approved
  • Modern design
  • Glass Display Control™
  • Multi-touch interaction
  • High-bright display (optional)
  • SCOM (Serial Communication interface)

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True to form.

Easy installation remains a top priority for Hatteland Technology.

All G3 units are made in accordance with our FormFit principle. 

It means they inherit their forerunners’ sizes* and form factors, making retrofitting nice and easy.


*On account of the slimmer frame, the Series 1 20.1” monitor becomes 21.3 inches. This does not affect installation, as only the panel area increases. The chassis/footprint is equal to that of its predecessor.

Revitalized, but familiar.

With its updated I/O interface and video scaler, the G3 brings a tried and tested concept into the future. 

Other than that, the product range will look and perform exactly like the one you are familiar with. The physical user interface, SCOM ports, and factory options are carried forward from the G3.

Full backwards compatibility.

We are taking every care to ensure a smooth transition from G2 to G3. 

Choose between a wide range of adapter cables, and custom expansion options, for effortless integration with legacy systems. 

Introducing new connectivity

With the G3, we’re introducing new I/O interfaces for both Series 1 and Series X.


Series 1

hd24t27mmd_ports_down-2Series X

Video inputs
Display-port hdmi usb-c-neg vga

DisplayPort (DP)




SCOM and other interfaces
rs-232-female ethernet-on usb-connector userinterface-1




User interface 


Multi-power AC/DC




Datasheets (preliminary)

Series 1


19" slim


21.3" slim
Series X 15" 17" 19" 24" 27" slim 27"

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best way to integrate T27 monitors into an existing setup?
  • We are providing adapter cables for backwards compatibility and effortless integration: 

    •    DVI-D –> HDMI 
    •    DP –> USB-C
    •    HDMI –> USB-C


    In addition, all T27 units can be fitted with a custom expansion board for user-specific connection requirements. Feel free to contact your sales representative for further details. 

  • What is a “video scaler”?
  • The video scaler enables the monitor to handle different video signals, by scaling the input resolution to a resolution supported by the monitor. If the video signal (input) has a lower resolution than the display can accommodate, the video scaler will scale it up – and vice versa. The video scaler allows the monitor to have different types of video inputs, both analog and digital.
    The new video scaler supports modern signals (HDMI, DisplayPort and USB-C), in addition to legacy inputs (RGB). T27 can also accommodate custom requirements via an optional expansion card.

  • I currently have Series 1 monitors. Do you recommend transitioning to Series X?
  • We plan to keep Series 1 products for many years to come, so for a retrofit project, Series 1 would be perfectly fine. Series X has a more modern design and broader range of models, so for new projects, we do recommend to transition to this range.

  • When are the T27 units shipping?
  • We will start to ship the T27 series in Q3 2024.
  • Do I need to make any preparations?
  • Please review the updated set of graphics inputs to ensure you can find a solution for your application. SCOM remains as before, with the same range of I/O and protocols (RS232, RS422/485, USB and Ethernet). For system type approvals, you will need to add the new models to the system certificates. We will provide all necessary documentation for this.

  • Will the upgrade apply to the T21 range as well?
  • T21 will be EOL, same as T22 displays -> T27. Keep in mind, all panel computers are unaffected by this change.

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