Choosing the optimal CCTV solution for ships and other marine vessels


A guide for optimizing your CCTV system for cost efficiency – without sacrificing quality


  • Set up a system that fulfills your demanding requirements
  • Choose the right equipment for each specific purpose
  • Identify the optimal CCTV solutions

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What you will learn in this guide


Building a CCTV system that will comply with harsh environment, IEC60945 and be reliable over time is key in the maritime industry. In this guide you will find some the issues and get recommendations for the design and integration of the CCTV system for a maritime vessel. 

  • Standard. Ensure that you are aware of the standard in use for CCTV in the Maritme industry
  • Cost control. Key aspect to keep the total cost low.
  • Hardware requirement. Get insight about the type of hardware to chose when designing your system