by Brede Qvigstad
7 Apr 2021

1920x1080 - _0000s_0001_Prism Defence P570_rev

Embarked Aviation Management System - Hatteland Technology & Prism Defence

Business needs

In a harsh environment combined with high risk where precise and fast decisions must be
taken immediately - failure is not an option. Landing a helicopter or unmanned aircraft
systems (UAS) on the flight deck on various ship sizes in heavy seas and bad weather
requires unsurpassed solutions. The pilot and the control systems need to be prepared for
the task. Prism Defence was looking for a flexible and enduring quality hardware platform for
their system that could be the link between human operators and these mission-critical


Hatteland Technology recognized the challenges, environments, and standards and found
the products needed to comply with the system requirements. The choice becomes the
Series X 24inch Panel Computer which offers the ultimate in performance, flexibility,
convenience, state-of-the-art design, and enduring quality. A part of the configuration was
also the powerful high-end server platform. The platform incorporates the latest processor
technologies and enhanced feature sets, thus providing greater versatility for high-end
maritime system applications. To complete the system a compact rubber keyboard with the
integrated waterproof ergonomic trackball for low-light harsh environments conditions was


       HD 24T22 MxC           HT RKCT92S


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