by Markus Mattsson
31 Jan 2022


OEM Services by Hatteland Technology
Product customization

Nordomatic SEG (Secure Edge Gateway)


Nordomatic is the leading independent BMS system integrator in Scandinavia, with 20 offices and more than 500 skilled employees serving the largest and most demanding real estate owners globally. Scandinavia is leading the digitalization of buildings, and Nordomatic aims to be the leading integrator, with global ambitions that will drive the real estate market's innovation, change, and transformation in the years to come.

Business needs
With the aims and ambitions set, Nordomatic wanted to take more extensive ownership of the fanless din-rail box computer, the “SEG," by making it their own. Preconfigured units, ready for smooth installation in the field, directly from the box would make the sales- and installation process more professional and effective. Improved stock hold for call-off orders to ensure fast delivery was also significant when Nordomatic contacted Hatteland Technology.

By removing connections not in use, changing the print and markings in line with the customer's graphic profile, the Hatteland Technology team customized the product. Furthermore, the team updated the BIOS, loaded the customer's software, labeled with QR code of the unit's unique hardware identifier, and set the system test 12 hours before delivery as standard. As a result, Nordomatic is now presenting its updated customized version of the SEG. Hatteland Technology is pleased to continue collaborating and following Nordomatic's development and growth journey!

Hatteland Technology OEM Services include

  • Removal of unused connectors

  •  Graphic front label design and print

  • Custom BIOS settings

  • Labeled with QR code of the unit's unique hardware identifier
  • Preloaded with customer software
  • Burn-In-test before shipping
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