by Hatteland Technology
31 Oct 2016
Hatteland Display AS, a subsidiary of Norautron Group AS, has entered into an agreement to buy 100% of GuardREC AS, a leading software company focusing on developing wold class recorder solutions for Air Traffic Control and financial institutions. 

GuardREC AS is a software company operating in the financial sector and the Air Traffic Control (ATC) market. The company provides leading recording solutions aimed at the needs of compliance recording in financial institutions and recording solutions for Air Traffic Control (ATC) operations.

The company supplies a state-of-the-art recorder solution combining recording of mobile, fixed and VoIP telephones to some of the most respected financial institutions in Europe, and probably has the most innovative unified recorder solution for the ATC market.

"Having followed the development of GuardREC over several years we are enthusiastic about including the company in the Norautron technology group. GuardREC complements our other technology companies in an excellent way and we have high expectations for the company going forward", says Rolf Leistad, Executive Vice President in Norautron Group AS. 

"GuardREC AS will be a very valuable contribution to Hatteland Display's growth and development going forward. The combination of GuardREC's position in attractive market segments and first class software competence constitute an excellent match with our strategy", says Trond K. Johannessen, CEO of Hatteland Display AS.

"We are excited about becoming a part of the Norautron Group and joining forces with a global market leader as Hatteland Display to further develop our products and market position going forward", says Oddmund Johansen, CEO of GuardREC AS. 

--- About Hatteland Display ---
Based in Nedre Vats in Norway and is the leading global provider of display and computer solutions for professional maritime use. The products are used for navigation, automation, positioning, monitoring etc, and are delivered to system integrators worldwide. The company has approximately 150 employees with offices in Norway, Germany, France, USA as well as agents in Asia, Australia, Canada, Russia and USA. For 2015, the company reported revenues just below 400 million. See for more information.

--- About Norautron Group ---
Technology company established in 1986, owned by J.C. Broch AS and is based in Horten, Norway. From a startup based upon contractual production of electronics, the group has also expanded into industrial computers, displays, networks and surveillance products for the professional market. In the last decade, Norautron Group has established or acquired companies in several countries in Europe and the far east. The group has approx. 900 employees around the world. See for more information.

--- About GuardREC ---
Based in Horten and operates in the financial sector and the Air Traffic Control (ATC) market: For financial institutions, the guardREC™ compliance recorder is a robust media management and recording system that is implemented at some of the most well-respected banks and financial organisations in Europe. The system facilitates corporate compliance with governmental regulations in regards to the voice recording of sensitive data. guardREC™ also excels as a dispute resolution and employee training solution A new standard is defined by the guardREC™ ATC recording solution in the ATC-market and confirms that this recorder platform is built for the future by introducing state-of-the-art features and functionalities. See for more information

--- Media Enquiries from Hatteland Display AS ---
Trond K. Johannessen
President & CEO
Contact: +47 91 59 66 88

--- Media Enquiries from Norautron Group AS ---
Rolf Leistad
Executive Vice President
Contact: +47 91 15 57 54

--- Media Enquiries from GuardREC AS ---
Oddmund Johansen
Contact: +47 92 81 90 37

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