by Hatteland Technology
1 Apr 2019

As a result of the merger between Hatteland Display AS and Elektronix AS, Hatteland Display AS (VAT no. 974533146) will change name to Hatteland Technology AS, effective April 8, 2019.

Practical information:

New Name: Hatteland Technology AS
Unchanged VAT no. 974533146
New website: (under construction)
Unchanged address: Eikeskogvegen 52, N-5570 AKSDAL, Norway
Bank: Unchanged (DEN NORSKE BANK -DNB)
Bank accounts: Unchanged
Contacts: Current contact information remains valid.
Any change will be communicated in due course.
Logo: logo

If any further questions, please contact your Hatteland Display representative, or Anna Aulie, Head of Administration.

Best regards

Trond K. Johannessen
CEO Hatteland Display AS

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