by Hatteland Technology
1 Nov 2017
Lysaker, Norway, 1 November 2017 - Norautron Group, parent company to technology firms GuardREC, Elektronix and Norautron, in addition to the leading maritime display and computer manufacturer Hatteland Display, has changed its name to EMBRON Group AS.

The rebrand is integral to a set of initiatives under implementation to position EMBRON as a global technology group with solutions and services targeted towards the needs of today's leading technology providers.

EMBRON provides own branded hardware and software solutions, customised solutions, R&D and engineering services, and manufacturing services to customers within diverse market segments including marine, offshore, defence, automotive, security, industrial automation and transportation. Revenues in 2016 were approx. NOK 1.4 Billion, positioning EMBRON as one of the largest IT and technology companies in Norway. EMBRON has 15 offices in 9 countries and employs around 900 people. The company is owned 100% by JC Broch AS, which is fully owned by Jørgen Cato Broch.

"EMBRON provides a unique combination of leading technology solutions and services with extensive knowledge of the industries we serve. This enables us to be both deep and broad in our approach to providing our customers with exactly what they need in each specific case, while utilising cross industry expertise to the benefit of our customers," says Trond K. Johannessen, President and CEO of EMBRON.

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The new EMBRON Group AS logo. - Download High-Resolution photo 

The new Hatteland Display logo. - Download High-Resolution photo 

--- About EMBRON ---
EMBRON Group AS is the new name for the Norautron Group, a leading Norwegian technology group. Through its subsidiaries, EMBRON Group is a professional technology partner for tier one technology companies globally. Key offerings include own branded products, traded products and solutions as well as a wide range of services from R&D and Engineering to Manufacturing Services. The group has approx. 900 employees around the world and had revenues in 2016 of approx. NOK 1.4 Billion. The Group's main operating entities are Elektronix, GuardREC, Hatteland Display and Norautron. EMBRON Group is led by President and CEO, Trond K. Johannessen, who also holds the position of President and CEO for Hatteland Display. See for more information.

--- About Hatteland Display ---
Based at a brand-new HQ in Aksdal, Norway, Hatteland Display is the leading global provider of display and computer solutions for professional maritime use. Its products are used for navigation, automation, positioning, monitoring etc, and are delivered to system integrators worldwide. The company has approximately 150 employees with offices in Norway, Germany, France, USA as well as agents in Asia, Australia, Canada, Russia and USA. For 2015, the company reported revenues just under NOK 400 million. See for more information.

--- Media Enquiries from EMBRON ---
Trond K. Johannessen
President & CEO
Contact: +47 9159 6688

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