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13 Nov 2014

On November 1st 2014 Hatteland Display celebrated its 25th anniversary as a dedicated supplier of Maritime displays and computers. From the early days in 1989 and up until today, we have delivered more than 200.000 products to system integrators worldwide. This makes Hatteland Display the undisputed global market leader for type approved displays, computers and panel computers for professional maritime use. Our products are used on board commercial ships, offshore vessels, workboats, naval vessels and leisure craft around the globe. Main application areas are navigation systems such as radar & ECDIS, automation systems and monitoring systems. 

2014 will be a record year with more than 21000 new products to be delivered to the market from our production facility in Nedre Vats outside of Haugesund in Norway. 

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"Our success over the past 25 years has been thanks to dedicated and very competent employees. However, it has been even more so thanks to demanding customers, who have built with us a spirit of cooperation to deliver innovative solutions for a challenging environment like the professional maritime industry. On this, our 25th anniversary, we would like to thank all our employees, customers, suppliers and partners for their contribution to our development and for their ongoing support", says Trond K. Johannessen, President & CEO of Hatteland Display.

Recently Hatteland Display has launched a new product range to the market named Series X. This new product range is setting the de facto global standard for marine display and computing hardware. Glass front, multitouch functionality and panel computer options make these products the ultimate choice for professional maritime use.

Introduction of mandatory ECDIS (Electronic chart Display Information systems) legislation for existing vessels from 2014-2018, increasing use of touch screens instead of mechanical control panels and next generation bridge solutions, will provide further opportunities for growth and development for Hatteland Display in the years ahead. We look forward to the next 25 years as the leading global provider of maritime display and computing solutions! 

--- About Hatteland Display ---
Hatteland Display is located in Nedre Vats, Rogaland (Norway). The company manufactures displays and computers for navigation, automation, positioning, monitoring, etc. Hatteland Display is the leading global provider of solutions to system integrators worldwide, and is focusing purely on the maritime industry.

Hatteland Display's history dates back to 1989, with the creation of Jakob Hatteland Instrument within the Hatteland Group. The company worked early with large system integrators such as Kongsberg Maritime, for the development of robust displays/monitors that could withstand harsh environments. The company has type approved products since 1995, when passing the first product EN60945 test. In 1998 the company introduced the first night vision screens. In 2000, the company name changed to Jakob Hatteland Display.

In 2001 the company was the first to offer IMO ARPA custom display in 23.1 "size. In 2002 the company opened sales offices in Germany. Little by little, the company started to manufacture computers, and in 2005 the computer production was officially established. That same year, the company opened new production facilities in Nedre Vats.

In 2004, sales offices were opened in the United States. In 2005, the Series 2 display range specially adapted to yachts and leisure markets was introduced. In 2006, the sales office in France was opened, and the opening of the production plant No. 2 in Nedre Vats for Optical Bonding took place. In 2007 the company name changed to Hatteland Display. The company was the same year sold out of the Hatteland Group and purchased by Herkules Capital.

In 2010, ECDIS/color table storage/calibration/accredited by DNV and TEMPEST product/EN60945, approved by NSM (Norsk Sikkerhetsmyndighet) for production. In 2012/2013, introduction and launch of the Series X product range with Multitouch and Multi-power technology.

- Established in 1989.
- Leading global supplier of Display and Computer solutions to the maritime market.
- Estimated Turnover 2014 of MNOK 350 (~USD 54 million).
- Number of employees: Approx. 160. 
- Ownership: Herkules Capital (90%) and IT Brekketoppen (10%). 
- ISO-9001:2008 Approved. 2 high capacity prod. plants: Total 4800 m2.
- Inhouse optical bonding facility.
- Management: Trond K. Johannessen (President and CEO since 2009).
- Industry: Maritime IT Products.
- Offices: In Norway, Germany, France, the United States. Agents in Asia, Australia, Canada, Russia, USA.

For more information contact 
Lars Skjelbred-Eriksen
Vice President Sales & Marketing
Contact: +47 9133 2447

Trond K. Johannessen
President & CEO
Contact: +47 9159 6688

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