by Hatteland Technology
4 May 2015
At Hatteland Display, we have been busy developing new products to fill out our product range and meet customer requests. Below you will find detailed information on our standard, well implemented Display and Panel Computer products and the Latest Generation Computers. 



Series 1 - Form-Fit-Function for 15 years running! 

Long lasting generation of innovative, rugged marine displays designed for any navigation and automation application, including ECDIS. Series 1 displays feature 0-100% dimming, and provide unmatched sun and night vision. All sizes can benefit from Hatteland Display's sophisticated Optical Bonding, which eliminates condensation and dust, and reduces reflection by over 90%. Together with advanced anti-reflective coatings, bonding enables you to see your display in daylight without the need for extensive backlighting, which can cause overheating and a shorter product life cycle.

Series 1 introduces a number of signal input/output options, which can be increased by using the Multifunction Cable. Further customized cables are available to ensure that you can interface everything you need to with the greatest of ease.
All Series 1 models are built to last and designed to be reliable in harsh environments, while providing the performance and flexibility you expect. They are perfectly suited to use aboard a wide range of vessels including commercial ships, workboats, coast guard boats and navy ships. 



KEY Features 

Sizes: 15", 19" (Slim Frame), 19", 20.1", 22" & 23.1"
Rugged Dye-Cast Aluminum Chassis
LED Backlight - Runs Cool and Efficiently
Daylight Viewable with Superior Optical Bonding
Full Dimming - Adjustable Brightness from 0-100%
AC/24VDC Multi-Power with most sizes
Waterproof Front / Resistant Back. (IP66 / IP22)
Type Approved (IEC 60945, DNV, ABS, etc.)
Wide Range of Operating & Storage Temperature, Humidity
Touch Option




Series X - Displays for Yacht and Commercial Markets 

Our commitment to develop specialized products for a multitude of onboard ship systems continues, with the Series X range of displays. With cast aluminum compact and sleek-by-design chassis, these units can be desk or console mounted - keeping our long-term commitment to Form, Fit and Function.

Series X displays are all fully type-approved, having undergone and passed our extensive test program, which includes HALT testing. This means that the products are tested well outside the requirements of EN60945 and E10. The result is a more reliable product.


KEY Features 

Sizes: 8", 13.3", 12", 15", 17", 19", 24" & 26"
Rugged Dye-Cast Aluminum Chassis
LED Backlight - Runs Cool and Efficiently
Daylight Viewable with Superior Optical Bonding
Sunlight Viewable / High-Bright Versions Available
Full Dimming - Adjustable Brightness from 0-100%
AC/24VDC Multi-Power with most sizes
Waterproof Front / Resistant Back. (IP66 / IP22)
Type Approved (IEC 60945, DNV, ABS, etc.) / ECDIS Compliant
Wide Range of Operating & Storage Temperature, Humidity
Multi-Touch Option
All sizes are also available as Panel Computers with same frame




Maritime computer solutions you can rely on - Introducing the new
HT C02, HT B22 and HT 221. 

Building on the success of the HT C01, HT B18, HT 216 and HT 416 platforms over the past 4 years, the integration of latest computer technologies into Hatteland Displays' type approved computer range saw the launch in 2014 of the HT C02 and the HT 221 in addition to the already released HT B22 models. More power, more performance and more versatility is now available in these new computers, providing system integrators with a wider choice of configurations and features to suit any maritime system requirement, be it for navigation or automation systems.. 


KEY Features 

Supports Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 CPU's [1]
Max 16GB RAM, Dual Channel [2]
Powerful on-board graphics [3]
Supports SSD or HDD Storage
3 x Display Out (DVI-I, DisplayPort) [4]
4 x Ethernet/GBLan
4 x Front Removable Storage Bays [5]
More functionality added through modules
Keeps existing form-fit-function

[1] i3 CPU not available for HT B22. Low-cost option is Celeron.
[2] Motherboard (HT 221 / HT C02 only) has support for max
     32GB (16+16GB), when available.
[3] Direct3D 11.1 w/Shader Model 5.0, OpenCL 1.2,
     OpenGL 4.2/3.3 (Linux). Max memory available for use: 1.7GB.
[4] DisplayPort (DP) not available for HT B22. 
[5] Only 2 x Removable Storage Bays for HT B22 due to
     space restrictions.






We have moved our office in USA and change of address for our headquarters in Norway, our new adresses are:
Hatteland Display Inc, 380 South Melrose Drive, Suite 349, Vista, CA 92081, USA. Tel: 760-643-4061 - Fax: 858-408-1834

Norway: The old postal address changes from Åmsosen, N-5578 Nedre Vats, to the following new postal address:
Hatteland Display AS, Stokkastrandvegen 87B, N-5578 Nedre Vats, Norway.

We would be grateful if you could take note of the above changes and modify your contact details for Hatteland Display AS relating to our registered office and our factory facility. Additionally, our new warehouse addresses for Suppliers (send to) and Transport (pick-up):
Suppliers: Hatteland Display AS, Stokkastrandvegen 88F, N-5578 Nedre Vats, Norway.
Transport: Hatteland Display AS, Stokkastrandvegen 88E, N-5578 Nedre Vats, Norway.

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