by Torhild Skrunes
30 Sep 2021

AQS Tor with Hatteland Series X

The “Green workboat”, equipped with HATTELAND® Series X

Top photo: CHC Norway

Rough Sea

At Easter time 2021, the Dutch cargo ship, Eemslift Hendrika, was in danger of sinking in a rough sea outside the west coast of Norway. The ship was on its way up north, transporting several types of boats, one of them the now world-famous “Green workboat,” AQS Tor.

The 24-meter aquaculture service vessel fell off the stricken cargo when the ship was fighting the stormy weather. Despite hitting a crane boom, left unmanned for quite some time, the equipment onboard AQS Tor was not significantly damaged!

Proven Quality

Strict requirements are set for system integration onboard such a vessel. The bridge system on AQS Tor consists of HATTELAND® Series X, 24- and 27-inch displays, delivered by Furuno Norway.

Series X displays from Hatteland Technology are manufactured in Norway and have undergone certified testing and control at the highest level to handle vibration and other environmental stress factors. Series X is based on previous generation of displays, with well-proven technology and construction, well tested by customers over the past 30 years.

Proud to be part of the success

Hatteland Technology is relieved for the safe and secure rescue of the cargo ship and its crew, and we are proud to be part of the success and fame of the “Green working boat.” With excellent equipment on board, AQS Tor now works as a reliable service boat for the aquaculture industry in Norway.



  • Glass Display Control, LED Backlight technology

  • Full dimming and multipower as standard

  • Multi-touch, optical bonding, and ECDIS calibration



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