by Hatteland Technology
30 May 2017
Series X 55'' Ultra High Definition Chart and Planning Table introduces new possibilities for ECDIS hardware and ship's bridge systems 

Nor-Shipping 2017, Oslo, 30 May 2017 - Visitors to Nor-Shipping 2017 will have the oportunity to see the world's largest and most advanced display system for ECDIS and bridge system applications in action. The unique, state-of-the-art Series X 55" Ultra High Definition Chart & Planning Table will be installed and operational for all to try on Hatteland Display's joint stand with it Norautron group sister company, Elektronix (B02-25). The system will also be installed at Hatteland Display's Nor-Shipping week 'pop-up' show-room, located at Felix Konferansesenter, Bryggetorget 3, in the Aker Brygge area of Oslo.

As the largest standalone, Type Approved 4K resolution display system for ECDIS and bridge applications, Hatteland Display's flasghip system is designed to open up new possibilities for safer and more effecient navigation and control. Featuring the most screen space available in any maritime display, it enables technology developers to provide multi-data interfaces to ensure users have access to everything they need from diverse sensors and control systems all in one place. 

Series X 55 inch Ultra High Definition Chart & Planning Table can be seen at Nor-Shipping (stand B02-25). - Download High-Resolution photo 

With its Ultra High Definition 4K resolution providing unmatched clarity and premium panel technology delivering high brightness and contrast, IBS/ECDIS manufacturers, systems integrators and Electronic Navigation Chart (ENC) producers can further develop their solutions with enhanced interfaces providing more detail and functionality for navigators. The system is a strong foundation for new approaches to ergonomics and user-friendliness on maritime bridges, supporting navigators to improve safety and voyage planning.

Hatteland Display has designed the Series X 55'' Ultra High Definition Chart & Planning Table as a flexible solution, suitable for a wide range of applications including ECDIS, radar and voyage planning systems. Features include a Touch Screen display, multi data input, built in On-Screen Display (OSD) and the option to be supplied calibrated for ECDIS. A mechanical pod that houses a Hatteland Display HTC02 computer (optional) provides lift and tilt capability for the Chart & Planning Table.

Ensuring flexibility for bridge and navigation system developers to leverage the benefits of the Series X 55'' Ultra High Definition Chart & Planning Table technology, Hatteland Display also offers a variant designed for wall mounting in addition to a just released console mounting version, which uniquely, features an external remote control panel that can be located seperately, for operation of the OSD and other parameters.

"Our maritime display technology is evolving fast in order to accomodate the on-going development of solutions that meet new regulations and improve the safety and effeciency of vessel operations," said Trond K. Johannessen, President and CEO, Hatteland Display. "With our new large format displays we are giving the maritime technology industry a new platform to re-imagaine the bridge in order to provide a safer more comfortable environment that enables crews to work more effectively."

Hatteland Display has also integrated the same high-end 4K panel technology from the Series X 55'' Ultra High Definition Chart & Planning Table in the 32'' Series X Multi Vision Display (MVD), a new large format solutions for installation in Integrated Bridge Systems. Approved for harsh maritime environments where reliability and long life time are key factors, the new 32'' Series X MVD display is a robust, flexible and ergonomic solution, offering the same multi-data possibilities as Series X 55'' displays. It can also be seen on the Hatteland Display/Elektronix Nor-Shipping stand - B02-25.


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Based in Nedre Vats in Norway, Hatteland Display is the leading global provider of display and computer solutions for professional maritime use. Its products are used for navigation, automation, positioning, monitoring etc, and are delivered to system integrators worldwide. The company has approximately 150 employees with offices in Norway, Germany, France, USA as well as agents in Asia, Australia, Canada, Russia and USA. For 2015, the company reported revenues just under 400 million NOK. See for more information.

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