by Hatteland Technology
26 May 2017
Ultra High Definition Displays - 55 inch Multi Vision Displays

The Series X 55 inch Ultra High Definition Chart & Planning Table is also available in console mounted and floor tilt versions, with a wall-mounted variant also in the pipeline.

Utilising the very best panel technology, for the crispest, brightest and clearest picture, the Series X 55 inch Ultra High Definition Chart & Planning Table has raised the bar in the world of maritime display technology. As a Chart & Planning table it is the ultimate standalone ECDIS, navigation and voyage planning display system. It is the most advanced platform for the safe and effective use of ECDIS, and is the foundation for systems integrators to bring new approaches to ergonomics and user-friendliness on maritime bridges, supporting navigators to improve safety and voyage planning.


New configurations of the Series X 55 inch Ultra High Definition Chart & Planning Table are bringing this unmatched technology to different areas of the bridge too. With console mounted and floor tilt versions, there are now even more possibilities to improve interaction between man and machine on the ship's bridge. We are confident that our flagship technology will become a key component in the new breed of smart ships, playing a critical role in improving operational safety and efficiency at sea driven by the creativity and ingenuity of our colleagues in the world of maritime technology.

As the largest display ever made for ship's bridge applications, with Series X 55 inch Ultra High Definition displays, systems integrators and navigation technology manufacturers now have the real-estate to combine multiple data from different sensors and systems into a single, user-friendly interface.

These are the most technically advanced maritime displays ever developed, delivering the sharpest and clearest image quality, with unmatched brightness and contrast. The 4K resolution ensures clarity under all conditions, so that data is always easily viewable, helping bridge officers and crew to interact safely with technical systems on board.

hd_rem Features include:

• Touch Screen operation

• Multi-data input

• Built in On-Screen Display (OSD)

• An external remote control panel which can be mounted
   separately, for operation of the OSD and other parameters.
   This is a unique feature for a console mounted solution

• Optical bonding for strength and safety as standard, and ECDIS calibration as an option

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