by Hatteland Technology
1 Jun 2015
Welcome to a special Norshipping 2015 edition of Visions

Dear Reader,

It is going to be an interesting and exciting show this year without a doubt!

We have seen a robust performance in product volumes delivered over the past year and some great market share wins in several maritime segment areas, where Hatteland Display's Series X has continued its integration into many of your projects.

A notable growth area for the Series X display and panel PC range has been automation systems, with increasing adoption of small and large display types with our multi-touch option. Added to that our market leading position in the ECDIS segment has made the Series X the leading type approved product range in the industry.

As always, we have been looking ahead to 'the next big thing', and on this 2015 Norshipping we're not going to disappoint!

Our traditional (off-site) showroom in down town Oslo harbour area will highlight a preview of our coming products. Our customers and prospective customers will have the chance to see where we have set our heading for the coming years, what products we think the maritime industry wants and what products we think it is ready to adopt.

A gamble it is not, but our leadership position has made us want to set these milestones allied to solid customer relationships that help us take these decisions. Saying bigger screens is on the agenda is an understatement.

A still larger Series X display for the IBS market will be shown for the first time.


Not too big in our judgement, but in fact the right move at the right time for this segment seeking to step out into a higher resolution product to match the challenge of how to fit more application data onto a single display. The software platforms will need to shift to cope with a higher resolution, but we’re hoping to show that the shift will be worth it in the longer run.

Our customer feedback has been very positive regarding a display big enough to walk around and talk over whilst on a voyage at sea. A Chart Table from Hatteland Display will answer the call of those who have already started experimenting by laying an AV media screen flat into a bridge space. The Hatteland Display Chart Table development will be a total solution, marrying the latest large LED display technology with a 40 point multitouch tactile surface for a clear, high performance display table top.

Furthermore, an ergonomic and adjustable pod stand will complete the offering; a certain showstopper at this year’s Norshipping week!

Our showroom is in room "Titania" at the Felix Conference Centre in Oslo's Aker Brygge harbor district:

Visiting Hours:
- Tuesday June 2th - From 1:00 pm (13:00) to approx. 5:00 pm (17:00)
- Wednesday June 3rd - From 9:00 am (09:00) to approx. 9:00 pm (21:00)
- Thursday June 4th - From 9:00 am (09:00) to approx. 9:00 pm (21:00)


We hope that you enjoy Nor-Shipping and that you are able to visit the Hatteland Display showroom in down-town Oslo on one of the dates above. It will make for a good break from the hustle and bustle of the show floor, and we're sure you won't be disappointed with what we have to show you!

lars_skjelbred-eriksen2 Best Regards,

Lars Skjelbred-Eriksen, Vice President Sales & Marketing

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