Hatteland Technology can provide options for Downgrade, Upgrade or Change of Microsoft® OS for our manufactured computer related products.

These options comes with all suitable driversos_choices for the specific product already pre-installed. The listed typenumbers below contains a bootable USB Memory Stick containing OS image and recovery functions.


Downgrade OS:

- Change to OS with older release date vs currently installed OS. (E.g. Replace Windows® EMB Industry Pro 8.1 with Windows® 7 Pro SP1)

Upgrade OS:
- Change to OS with newer release date vs currently installed OS (E.g. Replace Windows® XP Pro SP3 with Windows® 7 Pro SP1).

Add OS:
- Add of Microsoft® OS for products that was delivered without Microsoft® OS initially. Please contact your Microsoft Representative for details.


All kits contains License sticker and USB Memory Stick with image.

Table data last updated: May 28, 2020

Note: Downgrade or Upgrade is only possible if the current Microsoft® OS was provided by Hatteland Technology initially. If not provided by Hatteland Technology the system shall be handled as if the system was delivered without Microsoft® OS installed prior to any ordering request (transforms to Add OS).

During Downgrade, Upgrade or Change OS customer must ensure backup of important data prior to booting any of the options above, as in all situations the entire storage device is "reset" back to factory default erasing any other data on the storage device.

Change OS (32bit <> 64 bit or restore):

- For products that was delivered with Microsoft® OS initially, but allows to change same OS from 32bit to 64bit (where applicable) or vice versa. Additionally this option can be used to re-install (restore) the original installed factory default OS.


All kits contains USB Memory Stick with image.

Table data last updated: May 28, 2020

Note: The Recovery function provided on the USB Memory Stick is not a recover (rescue) of lost or damaged data/files currently located on the storage device. The Recovery function only re-installs the same OS as originally installed and is intended for use if the current OS was damaged or did not function properly. The current contents of the storage device is therefore fully overwritten by the Recovery function.

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