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As single source manufacturer, Innolux has decided to end the production of 26" LCD panel used in the Series X HD 26 product families. Originally, the information was that the LCD would go through some HW updates, but since the world wide electronic market are having major issues with component availability (allocation due to COVID19), it was decided to end the production of this product from the LCD manufacturer.

26inch in WUXGA / 16:10 resolution is single source from Innolux, hence there is no direct replacement with the same LCD active area (further information below).

The following models have reached the End Of Life phase. All type numbers and variations will not be directly replaced by new models and applies for all Series X G1 and Series X G2 - Displays and Panel Computers.



HD 26T2x xxx-xxx-xxxx  

HD 26T2x xxx-xxx-xxxx
No direct FORM - FIT options of 26" 16:10 format. Contact sales representative to discuss potential solutions (LTB and/or other adaptation based on other products).

For time being, last time buy date is 01.02.2022.

Update: 13 May 2022: Last time buy date extended to 01.11.2022

But, we do recommend to take action on this soonest possible within the next weeks. We already got indications that there might be supply issues, and that the availability is following "first come - first serve principle". This is outside of our control.

Last deliveries to customer: We plan to accommodate LTB delivery schedules over an extended period of 3-5 years from this date if required by customers. Please contact sales representative for details - in due time of Last time buy date.

It may be possible to order 26" products AFTER Last Time Buy date, subject to availability. Therefore we cannot at this time guarantee that we can accept such PO's.
Availability will follow first come first serve principles until stock of 26" LCD panel is used/allocated for orders placed.

Alternatives (Not Form Fit Function): 27inch FHD or 32inch 4K Series X, contact us for arrangements / solutions.

For further enquiries regarding this End of Life Notification, please contact your Sales Representative at Hatteland Technology AS.

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