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In conjunction with our 'Keep it Green' policy, to reduce our 'footprint" (in this case, plastic) on the environment, Hatteland Technology hereby announce that we are making changes in the "Contents of Package" regarding our product documentation material and particularly the DVD (Dual Layer 8.5GB) media that is delivered with each shipment to be removed.

DVD and CD-ROM drives and its storage mediums are in these days an outdated technology, which are now replaced by the use of USB sticks or Cloud / Internet digital downloads instead.

This change applies to the entire Display, Panel Computer and Computer product ranges. The change will be implemented / effective from this dated document, until DVD is "out of stock".
Current estimation: Stock lasts for shipments until 1st of January 2020.

Note #1: Customized CD's (770MB) will still be produced and delivered as before to customers (unique agreements).

Note #2: For special requirements, we can offer the entire contents of DVD onto an USB stick instead. Please contact us if this is critically needed.

Note #3: Contents of DVD was on a regular basis updated twice a year. Products which was launched/new after December 2018 will not be part of DVD contents. Recent products introduced will not be delivered with DVD (examples are Panel Computers - Series E and HM 24T22 XRD models).

MEDIA STD01.201812-014  

MEDIA STD01.201812-014

All Hardware OS Drivers, Touch Screen Drivers and PDF documents are available in digital form from our website (as before).

For further enquiries regarding this End of Life Notification, please contact your Sales Representative at Hatteland Technology AS.

Implemented by:

Frode Grindheim
Vice President Product Management
Hatteland Technology AS
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