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Matrox® Millennium P650 Series (Multi-Display Graphics Cards) PCI/PCIex1/PCIex16 was offered as an option or was integrated into a range of HATTELAND® products. This card is now out of stock worldwide, and it will be replaced by it successor Matrox® P690 Series.

This End Of Life applies to the following HATTELAND® stand-alone computer and rack computer ranges which utilize/offer the Matrox® P650 card:

HT B04PM STD-xx (Stand-alone Computer)
HT B04CM STD-xx (Stand-alone Computer)
HT B06PM STD-xx (Stand-alone Computer)
HT B06CM STD-xx (Stand-alone Computer)
HT B08CD STD-xx (Stand-alone Computer)

HT 404P4 STD-xx (4U Rack Computer)
HT 405P4 STD-xx (4U Rack Computer)
HT 404XE STD-xx (4U Rack Server Computer)

HT B04PM MIL-xx (Military Stand-alone Computer)

*Please note: Customized solutions are also affected by this EOL!

Immediate as per this dated document. Please contact your Sales Representative at Hatteland Display if questions.

Hatteland Display can offer Matrox® P690 as a suitable successor. The specifications of this card is attached below.

Implemented by:

Frode Grindheim
Vice president Technical Support Division
Hatteland Display AS

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