To keep short lead-time at our service center and provide better service to you as our customer, we kindly need your help when handling service units. Our RMA procedure is defined below. We appreciate your cooperation!


General information:

Fault descriptions as "does not work" or "broken" are very diffuse and often result in a No Fault Found (NFF) diagnosis.


Please get in touch with  if any assistance is needed.


Our Warranty Terms and Pixel Defect Policy are found at; please read thoroughly for details and limitations.

RMA procedure

RMA procedure

Before returning unit:
1.1: Enter our website
1.2: Select "Technical Support" from the top of the page (above the main menu) and then "Request RMA Number" in the "Repair Centre" box menu.

Entering details:
Please use the Hatteland Technology AS type and serial number starting with JH, HD, HT, or HM. Example: HD 19T22 MMD-MA1-FAGA-123.

2.1: Enter your contact details, e-mail, and phone needed for any requests.
2.2: Enter your internal reference.
2.3: Choose Error type and enter a detailed fault description.

       Please consider the following:
        - What were you doing?
        - What did you expect to happen?
        - What did happen?
        - What equipment was connected?
        - What color/patterns has the status lights next to/or the power button?
        - Has this successfully been done before?
        - Is this an isolated incident, or does other/all units have the same behavior?

2.4: Choose your preferred Service Partner / Location ( We have a global network of certified service partners that can handle your repairs locally, and you will save some time and money in shipping. Displays and Panel Computers (MMC) with s/n up to 100 (proto/pilot units), have to be shipped back to Hatteland Technology for repair.

2.5: If you want the unit returned to a specific address after repair, other than your company's main office, please use the "Ship-to address after repair" section and fill it with the proper shipping address.

2.6: Press the "Confirm Service Request" button to register the RMA to our system. You will then receive a RMA request number (CDV/xxxxxx).   Please refer to this when communicating with us during the RMA and repair process.

2.7: You need to register a unique RMA for each return. You can do this after registering one unit by choosing 'Register new RMA'. The only points you will need to change are type- and serial number, and fault description. The rest of the already entered information is forwarded to the new request.

2.8: Relevant screenshots or other documents can be sent to Please mark the e-mail with the type and serial number or the RMA number, CDV/xxxxxx.


Verification of RMA:
3.1: Our Service team will evaluate your fault description, If we believe the issue could be solved without returning the unit for repair you will be contacted.

3.2: Please make sure the box is marked with the RMA request number.

3.3: Shipping costs are according to

3.4: It is important that the unit is securely packed. Hatteland Technology AS is not responsible for any damage that occurs during transportation. Remember to secure the bottom of the box.

3.5: RMAs older than 6 months will be discarded. New RMA is needed in order to return the unit at a later time.

Special conditions:
4.1: If a unit is returned without RMA request in advance:
       - at reception, we will contact you to get a detailed fault description. We will not be able to continue the repair of the unit until we receive this.
       -  if no reply on RMA/fault description is not received within 30 days after reception of unit, the unit will be returned as received and you will be charged for handling coverage + freight cost.

4.2: If the unit was received with damage (due to transport):
       - we will inform you about such incidents together with an estimated repair cost (for you to use as a claim against your carrier).

Repair handling:
5.1: You will receive a confirmation on your contact e-mail when we receive your unit.

5.2: If the fault found on the unit or the unit itself is not covered by our warranty, you will receive a quote shortly after goods arrival.

If it is a warranty repair or the quote is approved, the unit will be repaired accordingly.

5.4: If "no fault found", a charge for diagnostic and handling will be issued.

5.5: When the unit is finished, the unit will be returned according to return address on the RMA form.
- We will use the "
Ship-to address after repair" address, and the shipment will be marked with your reference stated in the "Your reference number" field.

: You will receive an automated message from our logistics system with a tracking number when the unit is shipped.

5.7: For customers, with an agreement and for a "Non-Warranty" repair you will receive an invoice shortly after the unit is shipped out.

5.8: If you have PayTerm "Payment in Advance", without an agreement, an order confirmation and a proforma invoice will be sent and the RMA will be returned when the payment is registered.

5.9: Hatteland Technology provides 6 months warranty on the repaired part(s).

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