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At the forefront of technology

Always challenging the market and clients, Hatteland Technology is positioned as a leader in the security and surveillance business.  Our qualified technicians, deep knowledge of products and industry knowledge make us a trusted partner for security and surveillance systems. 

Understanding the industry requirements

With the rapid development in surveillance technology, the use of smart camera solutions is becoming more and more relevant, important and widespread.

Hatteland Technology has followed and contributed to the evolution of CCTV camera technology since the dawn of the IP camera and has grown to become a trusted provider for the smart city, high security, retail and offshore industries.

With over 30 years of experience, a broad field of expertise and a mentality that promotes technological advancements, we aim to be a valued partner and advisor when choosing your optimal CCTV solution.

At Hatteland Technology, we understand that each market has industry-specific requirements and needs that must be satisfied and we dedicate ourselves to recognizing and designing the best CCTV solution for any application.


Unfocused background of Shopping mall

In-store data analysis can improve customer experience and increase your sales

How many potential customers visit your retail store in a day? How many make a purchase? How do they move when in the store? What areas do they spend the most time in? How long do they stay? What are your busiest operating hours? How long are the queues? Are you well-staffed at all times? How is your customer experience?


Intelligent perimeter detection solutions take your security to the next level

Across the globe, property owners rely on surveillance systems to assist security staff in monitoring and protecting physical areas, property and other assets. CCTV cameras are installed anywhere from harbors to airports, from prisons to schools – or in any other outdoor area with restricted access.



Recommended products

WEB_Image PNO-A9081R  4 5-10mm  4K  AI analytics I pno-a9081r-1934802329

PNO-A9081R, 4.5-10mm, 4K, AI analytics

The Wisenet Occupancy Monitoring Application is an easy to use solution for Wisenet P AI-series cameras.

P-1465-LE Axis

Axis P1465-LE

AXIS P1465-LE is an outdoor-ready fixed bullet camera that delivers HDTV 1080p resolution

4.0C-H5A-BO1-IR Bullet Camera

4.0C-H5A-BO1-IR Bullet Camera

Provides unique flexibility and versatility, with deployment from standalone installation to multi-camera solutions.


Helping you design your optimal CCTV solution

Your CCTV experience is defined by a plethora of factors, such as usage, location, environment, type of mount, required size and resolution. At Hatteland Technology, we constantly challenge our clients to choose their optimal camera solution based on our extensive experience and expertise.

We can assist you in identifying and designing the optimal CCTV solution for any and every environment:

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A broad range of
camera options

certified solutions