Helping you design your optimal CCTV solution

Your CCTV experience is defined by a plethora of factors, such as usage, location, environment, type of mount, required size and resolution. At Hatteland Technology, we always challenge our clients to choose their optimal camera solution based on our extensive experience and expertise.

We may assist you in identify and designing the optimal CCTV solution for any and every environment: 

  • Complete server solution for recording
  • Broad range of camera options
  • Environmentally certified solutions

Understanding the market requirements:

With the rapid development in surveillance technology, the use of smart camera solutions is becoming more and more relevant, important and widespread.

Hatteland Technology has followed and contributed to the evolution of CCTV camera technology since the dawn of the IP camera and has grown to become a trusted provider for the smart city, high security, retail and offshore industries.

With over 30 years of experience, a broad field of expertise and a mentality that promotes technological advancements, we aim to a valued partner and advisor when choosing your optimal CCTV solution.

At Hatteland Technology, we understand that each market has industry-specific requirements and needs that must be satisfied and dedicate ourselves to recognizing and designing the best CCTV solution for any application.


Choosing the optimal CCTV solution for ships and other marine vessels

Building a CCTV system that will comply with harsh environment, IEC60945 and be reliable over time is key in the maritime industry. In this guide you will find some the issues and get recommendations for the design and integration of the CCTV system for a maritime vessel.


At the forefront of technology

Always challenging the market, our manufacturers, partners, and clients, Hatteland Technology has contributed to the development of new camera solutions for maritime use. This solution has been adopted by a wide range of maritime costumers.