Industry qualified, specified and optimized visualization solutions

Your display experience is defined by a plethora of factors, such as usage, location, environment, type of mount, required size and resolution.

At Hatteland Technology, we always challenge our clients to choose their optimal visualization solution based on our extensive experience and expertise.

We may assist you in identify and designing the optimal display solution for any and every environment: 

  • High brightness and optical bonding solutions for displays subject to direct sunlight
  • Low or high resolution based on usage and requirements
  • 8” – 55” screen size range provides an option for any application
  • 4K resolution and high-quality color calibration satisfying top industry requirements
  • Displays adhering to strict shock vibration standards
  • Light client to full scale panel PC options

Understanding market requirements

Hatteland Technology is a well-established distributor of display solutions with over 30 years of experience, a broad field of expertise and a mentality that promotes technological advancements. We aim to be your valued partner and advisor when choosing your optimal display solution.

We understand that each market segment has industry-specific requirements and needs that must be satisfied and dedicate ourselves to recognizing and designing the best solution for any industrial application – from light client HMI solutions to high-resolution displays supporting high quantities of calibrated colors.

As a result, we always provide the same final product regardless of segment or industry: The right solution for the right set of requirements and needs.

panel pc - ebook cta module

Finding your ideal Panel PC: A 9-point guide

PCs are an integral part of any fully or part-automated industrial system but finding the ideal solution for balancing cost-efficiency and performance may be challenging.