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Industrial computing

Our products series for computing

Hatteland Technology is an industrial computer manufacturer and distributor with over 30 years of experience. We aim to be your valued partner and advisor when choosing your optimal industrial computing solution.

Understanding the market requirement

We understand that each market segment has industry-specific requirements and needs that must be satisfied and dedicate ourselves to recognizing and designing the best solution for any industrial computing application – from light gateway solutions to high-performance IPCs that support a high quantity of data processing and storing.
As a result, we always provide the same final product regardless of segment or industry: The right solution for the right set of requirements and needs.
At Hatteland Technology, we always challenge our clients to choose their optimal industrial computer solution based on our extensive experience and expertise.

We may assist you in identify and designing the optimal computing solution for any and every environment: 

  • Complete server solution 
  • Broad range of COTS
  • Environmentally certified solutions
  • Large choice of I/O

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Smart Building solutions

Hatteland technology helps you find the Hardware infrastructure for smart buildings. The need for powerful embedded computers for artificial intelligence software to process sensors data and IP video stream and a reliable network for IIoT cloud computing are pillars for a successful smart building solution implementation.

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Our Partners for industrial computing solutions

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Since 1981, Hatteland Technology has been working to find computing solutions for industrial applications. We deliver a product range from servers to simple embedded RISC computers. Our strength is to be able to find the right fit for the application.


Providing the optimal balance between requirements and performance:

In an industrial setting, finding your optimal computing option does not necessarily equate to maximum power and performance capabilities. The key to cost-efficiency is finding the optimal balance between task requirements and performance.

An edge computer performing simple data acquisition tasks will, naturally, not have the same performance need as an industrial control computer performing data aggregation, processing and analysis – and finding a properly dimensioned solution will have a positive and significant impact on overall costs.

Other qualities to consider when choosing your industrial computer are longevity, backward compatibility, ruggedness, reliability and mean time between failures (MTBF).

Hatteland Technology offers a wide range of industrial computing hardware:

  • Flexible mounting solution (19” rack, DIN, wall mount)
  • Light gateway to server solutions
  • Industrial computer adhering to strict industry standards
  • Panel PC
  • Fanless
  • Flexible and customized I/O


At the forefront of technology

Always challenging the market and our manufacturers, partners, and clients, Hatteland Technology has contributed to the development of new and innovative industrial computing solutions for industrial use.

We always go the extra mile to deliver industrial computing solutions that are optimized for the specific environments in which they will operate, including performing I/O customization, testing, and mechanical adaptions.

Expand your edge applications

Moxa’s cloud-ready IIoT edge gateway family consists of industrial computers that are optimized for edge computing applications in the solar power, water and wastewater, oil and gas, and factory automation sectors. Our supplementary IIoT software, ThingsPro®, simplifies the connection of edge data to the cloud. It provides multiple connectivity options, including Modbus and generic MQTT/HTTPS protocols, and comes with built-in clients to connect to AWS and Azure cloud services.

Designed for remote monitoring and telemetry applications in the field, these compact IIoT edge gateways are equipped with a power-efficient Intel Atom® or Arm-based processor and can provide reliable wireless connectivity in environments with temperatures ranging from -40 to 70°C.



Taking the IIoT leap: The impact and opportunities of the Industrial Internet of Things

The IIoT has already transformed the manufacturing industry, and yet, we are still just testing the waters of the 4th industrial revolution. Future-proofing your hardware and infrastructure is imperative when taking the IIoT leap.




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