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The 3G network is shutting down


Industrial networking

What do you need for a successful deployment of your Industrial Ethernet infrastructure?

Having a well-functioning industrial network that ensures uninterrupted uptime and optimal efficiency is an absolute necessity in any modern industry. Hatteland Technology specializes in providing hassle-free networking systems that are designed and dimensioned based on customer needs and industry requirements and standards.

We may assist you in identify and designing the optimal solution for any and every environment: 

  • Managed and unmanaged switch
  • Networking topology advisory
  • Wide range of ethernet solutions
  • Trusted brand
  • Switch adhering to strict shock vibration standards
  • Cybersecurity features
  • IoT ready solutions

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What can we offer to suits your industrial networking needs:

Our experienced consultants may advise and assist in choosing all components for your complete industrial networking solution, including:

  • Layer 2 / Layer 3 Ethernet switches
  • Secure Router
  • Wireless Access Point, bridge and client
  • Cellular gateway and router
  • Media Ethernet converter
  • Network management software
  • Secure Remote access
  • Network security appliance
  • Serial device server and converter
  • Protocol Gateway

Our Partners for industrial networking solutions

To provide the best Networking solution adapted to your need, on top of having our own networking solutions we are working with trusted brands and help you find the combination of the right products that fit your requirements.


Moxa  Robustel



Understanding market requirements:

Industrial networks are usually implemented as a core element of the critical infrastructure that enables automated solutions and control systems to function as intended.

A stable industrial network is vital for maintaining the continuous operation of these systems and ensuring that all components and devices can communicate with each other.

As interruptions in communication may have a significant impact on critical operations, several industries have introduced their own specific sets of hardware standards and requirements.

Some examples are:

  • DNV 2.4 (Maritime)
  • EN 50155 (Railway)
  • ATEX (Oil & Gas / Explosive Atmospheres)
  • IEC 61850 (Smart grid)


Hatteland Technology is an industrial network distributor with over 30 years of experience, a wealth of expertise and a mentality that promotes technological advancements.

We understand that a reliable network solution must be able to maintain a continuous connection without the need for human interaction and that all components used within the system must be compliant with industry-specific standards and requirements.

Our goal is to be your valued technology partner and advisor when choosing your optimal, reliable and hassle-free industrial networking solution.


Connectivity and vulnerability: Secure your industrial network and all its connected devices

In the era of the Industrial Internet of Things, where manufacturers worldwide strive to reduce costs and increase efficiency, every single device in a modern facility is connected to a network. While the benefits of this are plentiful each new connection may potentially open a door – and increase the risk of a cybersecurity breach.




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