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Protect your property from intrusions and keep your security staff alert with a tailored and effective perimeter detection system.

Across the globe, property owners rely on surveillance systems to assist security staff in monitoring and protecting physical areas, property and other assets. CCTV cameras are installed anywhere from harbors to airports, from prisons to schools – or in any other outdoor area with restricted access.

Studies have shown that the average security guard is able to keep his focus for approximately 20 minutes when watching a security camera feed with little to no activity.

Once he passes this 20-minute mark his concentration and focus will steadily decline, increasing the risk of intrusions and other incidents in monitored areas going unnoticed.

But what if your CCTV cameras could alert your security staff when abnormal or illegal incidents occurred within their field of vision?


Your first layer of defense

Your property is protected by several defensive layers. Building walls with rigid doors and strong locks protect interior areas, likely assisted by an automated alarm system. Around the property fences, walls and locked gates act as additional security measures.

Your first layer of defense, however, is your perimeter detection system – a network of CCTV surveillance cameras monitoring all entry points to the property, vigilantly watching over any and all exposed and vulnerable areas.

Integrating an innovative video analytics application with your CCTV network provides a highly effective system that will automatically detect and respond to people and vehicles intruding on your property



Technologically advanced perimeter detection solutions

A modern perimeter detection system offers a plethora of opportunities to increase and improve your security measures. By taking advantage of top-class technology and software you will reinforce physical access controls while at the same time giving your security staff the need tools in order to do their job more effectively.

Elektronix designs and provides perimeter detection solutions that can detect intrusions on your property in several different scenarios, automatically triggering alarms when discrepant incidences occur and alerting your security staff.

These systems may include applications such as:

  • Motion detection and recording
  • Intrusion detection
  • Loitering detection
  • Cross-line detection
  • Zone crossing


Vulnerable areas must be identified and monitored. Cameras need to be positioned to avoid and minimize false alarms. Sources of error, such as backlight, sidelight, lack of light, shadows, dirty lenses and foreign objects within the field of vision, must be added to the equation. Cameras must be mounted on solid surfaces and powerful camera masts.

Motion detection adds intelligence to your perimeter surveillance solutions by detecting moving objects within predefined areas in a camera’s field of view. By triggering recording (and an alarm) only when there is movement this addition to your system can save you both bandwidth and money.

With intrusion detection, you can set up virtual fences within the camera’s field-of-view to protect any area from intrusion. Triggering automatically when an object crosses the virtual fence, this is an ideal solution for monitoring everything from after-hours office buildings to industrial properties and power stations.

Loitering detection triggers when a person or vehicle remains within a predetermined zone for longer than a predefined amount of time. These scenarios are particularly vulnerable as it is difficult for security staff to notice discrepancies in the footage where there is no movement.

Cross-line detection lets you define a virtual tripwire within the camera’s field of view that automatically triggers an alarm event when crossed by a person or an object. This is a great option for monitoring entrances and exits.

Zone crossing detects people or vehicles passing through predetermined zones in a predefined order and direction. Additionally, you can use conditional zone crossing that triggers when objects enter a predetermined zone without starting in or passing through, one or more zones.

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Tailored to your needs

There is no template for a “perfect” perimeter detection system, due to the many variables that determine the specific needs of any given restricted area – such as location, accessibility, points of entry, lighting, operational hours etc.

A typical perimeter detection system ranges from four to 100 CCTV surveillance cameras, supplying camera feeds to local security staff or alarm transmissions to a guard-center.

In other words, each surveillance system needs to be tailored specifically for each individual location in order to provide maximum security.


Ease of use is key

There are several important aspects to consider when designing and installing an effective perimeter detection system, amongst them:

Most important, however, is that the solution is tailored for the security staff that will be using it on a daily basis. Ease of use, user experience and interaction with the user and other systems on-site are key.

Last but not least: Competent system training is a prerequisite in order for your security staff to embrace and take ownership of your perimeter detection system.


Hatteland Technology – your ideal perimeter detection partner

Hatteland Technology has over 30 years of experience in designing security CCTV systems.

Our extensive knowledge of CCTV cameras, camera placement, lighting conditions, suppliers, software and video management systems, combined with our long-lasting relationships with the top suppliers on the market, makes us an ideal partner when choosing your new perimeter detection system – or updating your existing one.

We can help you find your perfect perimeter detection system! Contact one of our surveillance experts to review your options. 

Posted by: Tine Thorsen

Key Account Manager, Security & Surveillance

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