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As we work or way towards meeting the IMO 2030 carbon emissions goals, shipping companies and ship owners worldwide are implementing or planning to implement smart ship technology to remain relevant in the global market.


In-store data analysis can improve customer experience and increase your sales

Understanding your customers behavior, preferences and needs optimizes your store performance – giving you a..

Protect the frontline with body-worn cameras - Security

With an ever-increasing emphasis on securing valuable data and evidence, body-worn camera usage is all but a..

Intelligent perimeter detection solutions take your security to the next level

Protect your property from intrusions and keep your security staff alert with a tailored and effective..

Astro overvåker taxfree-butikkene på Norges største flyplasser – med kameraer levert av Elektronix

Taxfree-butikkene er for mange av oss et yndet stoppested, både på inn- og utreise, når vi flyr til spennende..

Begrense risikoen for brann i gjenvinningsanlegg med termiske kameraer

I løpet av det siste året har en rekke store branner herjet i avfalls- og gjenvinningsanlegg landet over.

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