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As we work or way towards meeting the IMO 2030 carbon emissions goals, shipping companies and ship owners worldwide are implementing or planning to implement smart ship technology to remain relevant in the global market.

With an ever-increasing emphasis on securing valuable data and evidence, body-worn camera usage is all but a necessity across industries.

The use of body-worn cameras is rapidly gaining worldwide traction. Pioneered by law enforcement in the United States and the United Kingdom, “body cams” have proved vital in securing crucial evidence time and time again.

Now, more and more law enforcement agencies and security companies across the globe are adopting body-worn cameras as standard equipment – and the Nordic countries are no exception.

Police in Oslo, Norway have conducted trial projects regarding the use of body-worn cameras in the last couple of years. In Stockholm, Sweden, police started using body cams in 2017 and police forces in Helsinki, Finland, followed suit in 2018.


A multitude of applications

Although traditionally used by law enforcement and emergency services, body-worn cameras have a multitude of applications and may prove beneficial within a wide range of industries, such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Airport and airline security
  • Manufacturing
  • Local authorities
  • Road safety
  • Rail services
  • University security
  • Search and rescue


In essence, body-worn cameras may prove useful for anyone working on the frontline in any industry where you may need to defend your case should an unforeseen event occur.


Manufacturers aiming for the Nordic market

While still a relatively new trend in the Nordic countries, tens of thousands of body-worn cameras are currently in use across the UK – adopted by everyone from law enforcement to ASDA supermarket security.

Now, market leading manufacturers with a strong foothold in the UK have set their sights on the Nordic market, aiming to take advantage of the ever-growing demand for top-of-the-line body-worn camera solutions.

However, with several manufacturers now competing in a new market, inexperienced consumers might find it challenging to identify the optimal solution for their needs.



Featured product: Edesix VideoBadge VB-320 Explorer


Secure footage with airtight encryption

When using body-worn cameras data security is of the utmost importance, as any leaked footage or unauthorized access may compromise sensitive information and evidence.

Even so, many security companies still use mobile phones and/or popular portable cameras to capture sensitive footage – a mistake that may prove costly.

To ensure optimal security, all footage recorded by body-worn cameras should be encrypted with an airtight encryption key and only accessible to authorized users.

By choosing a solution that does not allow any footage or information to be extracted before the camera is securely mounted in its designated docking station, you effectively ensure that no information will be compromised even if said camera should be lost or damaged.


Video management is a key factor

While video quality, camera weight and ease of use are important factors, one of the first things you should do when identifying your optimal body cam solution is to review the supporting video management system (VMS).

Body cams should be supported by a highly advanced, cloud-based video management tool. These systems provide the user with complete control of all recorded footage and allow live streaming from secure access points.

A cloud-based interface also provides a streamlined option for managing devices, reviewing footage and creating incident reports and removes the need for software installation and management.

PS! Ensure that your chosen body cam VMS offers easy integration with your existing video management solutions to secure hassle-free data flow between systems.


Provide a comprehensive audit trail

Perhaps the most essential functionality within any video management system is the ability to register multiple user profiles to use a single camera

As body-worn cameras are generally used in industries requiring 24/7 coverage, and therefore employ workers on a shift basis, the ability to share cameras across separate user profiles significantly reduces equipment costs.

The top body-worn camera solutions allow users to simply swipe a personal identity card, linked to his or her watermarked user profile, in order to access a camera from its designated docking station. At the end of the shift, the camera is placed back into the same docking station.

This also adds an additional layer of security, as each camera can be tracked to its current user at any given moment. All performed actions are vigilantly logged, simplifying the designation of responsibility and providing a comprehensive audit trail.


Pre-loaded user rights and preferences

Market leading body-worn cameras are generally discrete, lightweight and easy to use, but the complexity and availability of different functions may vary from brand to brand and model to model.

Many cameras offer an option to pre-load the preferences and user rights assigned to each specific user profile. This ensures that the current user only has access to the specific functionalities relevant to his or her purpose.

Pre-loading may also be beneficial for compliance purposes. For instance, the ability to pre-load user profiles that disable audio recording may prove useful in countries such as Norway, where audio recording is strictly regulated.

PS! To protect users from unwarranted scrutiny, body-worn cameras should not feature infrared light or other applications to increase visibility in dark or otherwise challenging conditions. The camera should only see what the user sees.



Featured product:  Edesix VideoTag VT-50


Market leading body-worn camera solutions

Hatteland Technology is one of Scandinavia’s most experienced distributors of video camera solutions for security and surveillance purposes. With the emerging demand for body-worn cameras, we have analyzed market leading manufacturers to identify the best options for our customers.

Balancing high quality, cost-efficiency, and data security, the lightweight, easy-to-use body cams we provide act as dependable tools for improving safety, producing compelling evidence and providing a complete audit trail. Most importantly, our body cams are supported by an impressive, highly advanced, securely encrypted and user-friendly video management system.

If you need more information about our body-worn camera solutions our experienced consultants are happy to answer any and all questions, as may also assist you in identifying your needs and options.

Posted by: Tine Thorsen

Key Account Manager, Security & Surveillance

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