Why more and more marine businesses are opting for one-stop-shop technology suppliers


The most important things to consider when choosing your CCTV solution for maritime application

Whether constructing a cargo ship, tanker, ferry or cruise ship, the first and foremost priority of any shipyard should always be safety.

In our current market, where focus on cost and Time to Market is higher than ever, we see a clear trend in which more and more marine businesses gravitate towards technology suppliers who can provide a multitude of products and services through one single point of contact.

These one-stop-shops offer comprehensive support covering many aspects of their clients’ needs, combining broad hardware and software product catalogs with a wealth of experience, expertise, technical knowledge, on-site maintenance, and on-demand support.

More importantly, these suppliers may relieve clients of some of the burden of purchasing discrete components from several independent manufacturers and ensuring their compatibility within increasingly complex systems.

Tackling the rapidly increasing complexity of systems

While many buyers remain fixated on unit prices and initial costs, a growing portion of marine businesses is shifting its focus to the overall cost of the integration and total cost of ownership. This is one of the driving factors behind the rise of the one-stop-shop, as interfacing with a single supplier rather than several separate companies provides an excellent overview of TCO.

Additionally, the rapidly increasing complexity of systems used in marine industries is imposing new demands on and raising the costs of maintaining the knowledge level within an organization. Choosing a one-stop-shop alleviates some of these needs and transfers some of the responsibility of staying up-to-date onto the supplier.

Covering a plethora of needs through a single supplier also benefits clients who are still defining their needs. By offering an “a la carte” menu of components – computers, monitors, network devices, sensors, interfaces, surveillance equipment, software solutions et al. – the one-stop-shop allows you to design and integrate complex systems while being guided and assisted by a technological “sommelier”.


Ensuring system safety and security

Speaking to our clients, one advantage of dealing with a one-stop-shop that is often mentioned is the security and safety of the solution. Sourcing all your components from a single supplier eliminates the guesswork of ensuring compliance and interoperation between separate components within the system.

These components are made to work together, IoT ready, and pre-defined for the configuration. Form-fit components simplify replacing and upgrading equipment and ensure the operability of your system for decades.

This effectively serves as a guarantee for the safety, security, and interoperability of all components within the system, as well as the system itself. And should problems arise, you only have to worry about one point of origin and one point of contact.

The holistic approach of the one-stop-shop supplier also means offers are not limited to simply equipment and technology. Broad networks of distribution and service partners, combined with dedicated R&D departments and customer service, further adds to the value of the partnership.


Simplifying the acquisition of type approvals

This added value is particularly noticeable when it comes to paperwork, such as documentation, certifications, and type approvals for all components and devices. When dealing with several different suppliers, acquiring certifications and type approvals for every part of a working system can be an exhausting task.

A one-stop-shop supplier, on the other hand, may dedicate resources to acquiring all necessary approvals beforehand, significantly reducing the time and resources spent on getting all devices certified.

Utilizing cross-industry expertise

One final contributor to the growing trend of opting for single comprehensive suppliers is the opportunity for taking advantage of non-industry-specific technological advancements.

Building on our own experiences as a supplier of technology solutions, Hatteland Technology offers products and services that are not limited to the marine industries. Operating across a broad spectrum of industries and markets allows us to utilize knowledge, experiences and technologies gained in different verticals and apply these to solutions for the marine market.

Industry and manufacturing have a strong focus on automation and IoT, imposing strict requirements on networks, network devices, and software. Similarly, the military and naval markets are leading the way when it comes to data and system security, demanding top-shelf protection from outside threats such as electromagnetic interference.

The transportation industry is always looking for ways to improve road safety, employing CCTV surveillance and AID-systems to stay ahead of the curve, while the retail industry uses those same CCTV cameras as essential analytics tools.

Utilizing the knowledge and expertise gained across all of these markets enables us to supply marine businesses with top-of-the-line systems and solutions tailor-made for each client’s specific needs and delivered through one single interface.

This article is taken from CIRM’s 7th in house magazine ‘Spotlight’ published to the membership today.  Inside, members discuss latest technologies, keeping each other updated internally and thus enjoying the benefits of membership.  CIRM plans to hold their postponed annual conference later this year in Malta and meanwhile, all channels are open to the Secretariat for matters technical within the realms of navigation and communication equipment, systems building, cyber security and bridge related technology. 
Secretary-General Frances Baskerville


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