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To harmonize across product series and ensure compliance to relevant standards, Hatteland Technology AS hereby informs about changes that applies to all products manufactured by us:

Note that this ECN only affects the marking/labels of all manufactured Hatteland Technology products. No other changes are applied.


 new_product_label1  new_product_label2
New Product Label (Variant #1) New Product Label (Variant #2)

 current_serial_label  new_serial_label
Current Serial Label Revised Serial Label

 current_product_labels  new_product_labels
Current Label Locations Revised Label Locations

 current_qc_label  current_touch_screen_label
Removed Quality Control (QC) Label Removed Touch Screen Label

 current_printed_documents  new_pe_product_label
Removed Printed Documents New Product Label (PE Variant)

 current_box  new_box
Current Packaging Markings New Packaging Markings

Implementation will be initiated from September 2023.

1: New Product Label added.
2: Revised standard Serial Label.
3: Removal of Touch Screen label.
4: Quality Control (QC) marking relocated.
5: Removal of printed documents.
6: Packaging marking adjustments.


1: New Product Label:
New (black) label, 3 variants will be introduced to ensure compliance to relevant standards. In addition, the Quality Control (QC) marking has been added. Label will take position of "Touch Screen" label, see point 4 below.

References in updated User Manual.
ART: IND105459-5 (Variant #1) - Dimension 60mm wide x 26mm high.
ART: IND105459-6 (Variant #2) - Dimension 60mm wide x 26mm high.
ART: IND105459-7 (PE Variant) - Dimension 24mm wide x 14mm high.

2: Revised standard Serial Label:
Power Consumption, IP rating and Date will be revised, CE mark will be removed and placed on (black) Product Label instead.

3: Removal of Touch Screen label:
As our products primarily now uses Touch Screens which are automatically detected by Operating System via HID, the need for these labels have become abundant. Their initial function since the past 20 years, was to indicate where users could download drivers. The location of Touch Screen label will be replaced by the new (black) Product Label due to space constraint on several products.

4: Quality Control (QC) marking relocated
The Quality Control (QC) green label has been removed physically, and its function moved into the new (black) Product Label instead.

5: Removal of printed documents:
In conjunction with our "Keep it Green" policy, to reduce our footprint (in this case, paper) on the environment, the following documents (normally 3) will not be printed and shipped with products. The "Contents of Package" in each User Manual prior to implementation date illustrates the list of documents.

Note: Some agreed upon customized products will still have paperwork printed. The list below generally applies for all standard products and customized products based more or less on standard products.

A: Product Declaration (A4 Sheet).
B: Checklist (A4 Sheet).
C: Burn-in Certificate (A4 Sheet).
D: Additional paperwork may be removed.

6: Packaging marking adjustments:
Serial Label will have CE logo removed, Quality Control (QC) label will be removed from box.

Note for all User Manuals:
Currently as per this dated ECN document, all User Manuals with all changes will be revised during the implementation phase to be fully consistent with this ECN during 2023.

For further enquiries regarding this Engineering Change Notification, please contact Support at Hatteland Technology AS.

Implemented by:

Frode Grindheim
VP Products
Hatteland Technology AS
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