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When dimming backlight on the Hatteland Display's Series X units to zero the GDC (Glass Display Control) buttons may become difficult to see in daylight. 

In general, the brightness of these buttons follow the brightness of the panel, however we are now setting the minimum brightness of these buttons to GMB 0x04 from factory. It might still be hard to see in daylight but a higher value may be disruptive at night.

Nevertheless, customers can also set their own brightness value; see "GMB" command n the SCOM documentation "INB100018-4".



Series X (all ranges)  

Series X (all ranges)

1. Make sure the unit is powered on.

2. If there is no picture or backlight, try to locate + button to increase backlight level (use a flashlight to locate the correct GDC buttons).

3. When the backlight is adjusted to minimum, there should be some light in the GDC area. Check if there is light by covering the GDC to get it as dark as possible. If there is light, it may be that the unit has lost an active signal source.

4: If the unit is adjusted to minimum and loses its active source, it will not be possible to adjust the backlight. Reconnect an active signal to the monitor and repeat item 2 above.

5. If still not OK / solution, try to cycle the power by removing the power cord, wait for one minute, and try repeating item 1-2 above. 

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