Product Notifications

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A new version of LCD panel will be introduced for this product. Part numbers (JH 19T02 MMC-xxx) will remain the same and all certificates and Type approval remains valid. The new version of LCD has successfully passed full EN60945 / E10 testing.

The new version of the LCD offers higher contrast (900:1) that its previous module (700:1).

Identification can be done on serial number level located on the rear of the product, shown below:


Serial number increased by 10000 to indicate Hardware Code (HWCODE01, or HW01) upgrade.
1-9999 = HW00
1xxxx = HW01
2xxxx = HW02
3xxxx = HW03

Immediately as per this dated document and for products manufactured from week 14.

Implemented by:

Frode Grindheim
Vice president Technical Support Division
Hatteland Display AS