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The keypad for Series 1 range of display units has a built-in hotkey (holding the "+" button active for at least 5 seconds, while powering the unit) to let the keypad reprogram itself (the keypad features a micro controller which uses its own firmware).

But if there is no new firmware prepared to be loaded into the keypad, it will be locked in the reprogramming sequence and clear its own memory. This is indicated by 4 green LEDs turned on in a cross indefinitely. Please see below for solution on how to solve this behaviour.

In rare cases, we have seen units with this failure for no good reason, the immediate solution is the same for these (root cause analysis ongoing).

Keypad on Series 1 Reprogramming status

JH 15T17 xxD-xxxx
JH 19T14 xxD-xxxx
JH 20T17 xxD-xxxx
JH 22T11 xxD-xxxx
JH 23T14 xxD-xxxx
JH 27T11 xxD-xxxx

1. Contact our helpdesk department. Make sure to write down the typenumber, serial number (located in rear of the unit) and firmware version (via the OSD menu) of the unit.

2. Hatteland Display will provide instructions and binary files for updating the keypad firmware.

3. If the upgrade was unsuccessful, the keypad needs to be sent to our factory for investigation. 
Get RMA number here. 

For further enquiries regarding this Service Memo Notification, please contact HelpDesk. 

Implemented by:

Leif Grindheim 
Vice President Production & Service 
Hatteland Display AS