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Applies for all HATTELAND® stand-alone / rack computers and Maritime Multi Computers (MMC) / Panel Computers


In September 2007 Microsoft rolled out a new Service Pack for Windows XP Pro operating system labeled SP2c:

Due to the decision to lengthen the lifecycle of Windows XP, SP2c was released to be able to produce more license keys. The only difference between the previous service pack, SP2b, and SP2c is the license key structure. This means that a SP2c license key doesn’t work properly with a SP2b Windows install.

Problem Description
bullet Customers will experience this problem when activating Windows XP Pro.
bullet License key seems to work, as it is accepted during the install.
bullet When prompted to activate Windows XP, you do so by following the on-screen instructions.
bullet Upon next boot you still get prompted to activate Windows although you just did it.

If you try to activate again, you will receive notice that Windows XP Pro is already activated and Windows will log off. This happens every boot, and renders the Windows XP Pro install unusable.

We use an image based solution when setting up the operating system on stand-alone / rack computers and Maritime Multi Computers (MMC) / Panel Computers. All our Windows XP Pro images were based on Service Pack 2b. Both SP2b and SP2c licenses went under the same part number in our purchase department. This has caused a mix-up in the delivery of some units where SP2c licenses have been delivered with an SP2b install.

All stand-alone / rack computers delivered between 1st of September 2007 and 10th of December 2007 with factory installed Windows XP Pro are subject to this.

All Maritime Multi Computers (MMC) / Panel Computers delivered between 1st of September 2007 and 1th of March 2008 with factory installed Windows XP Pro are subject to this.

If you experience this problem, check your license key. On the right side of the license label under the barcode you wil see the product number of the license. Please review the user manual for the location of these license labels on HATTELAND© products. The labels are in most cases located on top or on the rear side of the computer chassis.

If you are unsure of how the license labels look like, please review this document:
Microsoft license labels identification overview

E85-05xxx means it’s an SP2c license.
E85-04xxx means it’s an SP2b license.
The numbers xxx varies by license type as language version, OEM/retail etc.
E85-05040 is our standard license, Windows XP Pro SP2c ENG OEM.

The only way to solve this problem is to reinstall Windows XP Pro completely with the proper media.

The Microsoft Windows CD that comes with the our units matches the license on the unit and should be used.


Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.
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